Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mason lost his first tooth!

Since I sent out New Year cards with the family blog on it, I thought I should probably write on it.  I can't believe how 9 months ran away from me.  I will someday back log update so if you are subscribed to me somehow than sorry.

For now one recent update is that Mason lost his first tooth and he is very excited.  It became wiggly in November, and since I just so happened to get a new macro lens I took pictures of said loose tooth and his un brushed teeth and face, you are welcome :)

It was really cute, he was so excited to have a loose tooth, he wanted to call the Dentist and let him know.  We have a super awesome Dentist who also happens to be in our ward ( so I never know what to call him and it ends up Brother Doctor Jan Fugal!)  When Mason was at the office in October the doctor had predicted that Mason would loose his first tooth in March, so Mason was extra excited that it came out "early"

I thought I would get a couple close ups of his wonderful eyelashes and freckles since I had the macro lens out!

And then the official day of loosing the tooth is December 29th 2013.  We were snuggling watching a movie.  For the past few days he was saying how wiggly it was, I told him I would yank it out but I didn't want him to have a horrible first tooth experience.  I told him during the movie to keep wiggling it and then all of the sudden he got shocked and ran to show me the tooth.  It was so fun!  Here is a picture of the bloody tooth, again you are welcome!

My cousin gave me great advice, to find a glow in the dark tooth holder so the tooth fairy could easily find the tooth under the pillow.  I bought it off amazon when I he said that the tooth was wiggly!  This particular one comes with a compartment inside just for the tooth and a little clip to hold a "tooth record" but I assumed it was a money holder, and I guess the tooth fairy did too!

Can you tell that he is a little bit excited!!!!!

I know you also really wanted to see the bloody hole in his mouth, again you are welcome!

Yay it glows!

And it got tucked safely under his pillow!

I forgot to take a picture but the next morning Mason woke up with a dollar and a little note to keep taking care of his teeth.  He is doing pretty great so far, no cavities!

Thanks tooth fairy!

Oh and I thought this was cute.  This is Mason at 6 months old getting his first tooth and then at 6 years loosing it!  Oh that sweet little cherub I want to eat him up :)