Sunday, March 30, 2014

Warm day and puddles

We had one day break from our freezing cold winter.  Really I haven't minded having a real winter after a nice 3 year break, but this March has been killer cold and I am done.  So the first day the sun was out and it was 50 degrees I made the kids go outside.  Of course it was full of puddles that is what happens when you have 5 foot mounds of snow around the driveway ;)  The kids were soaked by the end of the walk but they ran and jumped in the puddle the whole time.  I think it was about 3/4 of a mile.  Oliver was the best trying to keep up in his princess boots!!!  I love the kids, and I am glad we at least got one day, the next day we had an ice storm and the world was covered in ice again!

Snow Day!

Living here in NY is a lot different than my childhood in Utah.  While in Utah we have lots of snow during the winter, I can count the number of days on my hand that we had a snow day and didn't have to go to school.  I am pretty sure it was maybe 2 times, possibly 3, and that is from K-12th grade.  The snow there is usually very dry and fluffy, no ice and a well supported snow removal.  

Well living in NY is a different story.  1st, everyone gets bussed even if you live right across the street from school.  I think that is one of the biggest differences and 2nd is all the ice we get with storms.  This winter Mason had 3 snow days and he loved it.  And I have learned that there are traditions that kids do the night before a potential snow storm to make sure that it is an actual snow day.  Mason came home with a few ideas but I asked my friends on FB to make sure that we knew them all and had fun with all the kids doing them!

The kids wore their pajamas inside out and backwards (Mason even insisted that Oliver do it!)  They held ice in their hand and ran around the table 3 times then threw the ice in the toilet for a flush.  We threw salt outside the door and they slept with a pillow under their pillow.  I have no idea who came up  with the ideas but Mason loved it and it was fun to do it together.  

Now here's hoping that we have no more snow days, I am done with winter!  

Nana and Grandpa visit

For some reason as I get more into my photography business I forget to take pictures when our wonderful family comes to visit.  This is the attempt on the last day to get some pictures with Nana and Grandpa before they head back to Seattle!  See if you can spy Danny ;)