Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Holding "Oliber"

Mason and Lily didn't really want much to do with Oliver when he was in the hospital.  I think they were more interested in all the fun stuff to play with there.  When I finally came home they became more interested and wanted to hold him, they were both really cute with Oliver.  My favorite part is that Lily loves his head, she loves to rub it and say "oh his head is so soft, I lub it"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

iphone pics at the hospital

I brought my real camera to the hospital but for obvious reason I had NO energy to take pictures of him with it.  Thank goodness for the iPhone and for instagram :)  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oliver's Birth Story

*edit*  You can read about the events leading up to Oliver's birth with this post and this post, where we discovered I had preeclamsia.  Also note that I wrote this post for my remembrance.  The pictures are not graphic but I do go into detail about what I was feeling and doing during his birth experience.  Just an FYI if that makes you uncomfortable!

I have wanted to write the rest of Oliver's birth story but I have been happily exhausted with my newborn little boy and sneaking in as many naps as possible.  Danny's version of the story is written in blue :)

*Most of the pictures are taken by my wonderful friend Sharon*

And really quick I want to explain a little bit about hypnobabies for those who don't know about it.  It is a program or class that you study at home (I know in some places there are classes you can take) to help aid you in a drug free child birth using self hypnosis.  There is workbook to read and then every night there are different cds to listen to that help you learn and practice the hypnosis.  Here is an explanation from their website:

"When learning how to use hypnosis for childbirth, you are taught an understanding of how the uterine muscles will work efficiently together, as they were designed to do, when the body is completely relaxed. The depth of relaxation necessary can easily be achieved with hypnosis so you learn these skills in class, and practice them at home every day until your baby arrives. Important: Comfort in childbirth depends on much more than deep relaxation, so you are also taught the most in-depth hypnotic anesthesia techniques that exist. These make a huge difference in creating your truly comfortable birthing experience, and are easily learned and practiced."

If anyone has any questions about it and wants to learn more send me an email and check out their website for more details... Now on to the Oliver's birth.

Ok since the previous 2 posts (Thursday Jan 26, and Friday morning the 27) gave my feelings of before the birth I will continue from where I left off.

(Friday 1/27) Being on the magnesium sulfate (MAG) was hot and yucky, I remember feeling really woozy the whole time.  The pitocin didn't start working until around 3 ish, when I was finally feeling a few contractions.  My doctor came to see me and check to see my progress, I think that was at about 3:00, and I was at a 3cm and starting to feel a few more contractions.  Yes, the dimensions in the before mentioned image is suppose to be "cm", not "mm".  Typical husband.   My doctor reminded me that she had an appointment that afternoon and she would be gone for one hour from 5-6.  I thought that was great because I really wasn't progressing at all so she would be back in plenty of time.  She said when she got back she would break my water to get things moving since that worked when I had Lily (my water broke at home and she was out 3 hours later)  I really didn't want my doctor to break my water but at that point I was willing to do anything to get my squishy baby out.  I was guessing I would have him later in the evening after Mason and Lily went to bed.  So we called Anjanette to have Mason and Lily spend the night again at their house.

The nurse that ended up delivering Oliver was named Jennifer :)
Well a little bit later after my Doctor left the contractions were getting stronger, not too bad just like bad cramps, so I decided to listen to my hypnobirthing track so I could relax and help things to get moving, probably around 3:45.  The track is 50 minutes long and I think I got through most of it.  Things started to get more intense pretty quickly but I was excited about it.  I knew that I was finally having contractions strong enough to get him out, yes!  I know it sounds weird but all the practicing with the hypnobabies really paid off.  I remember at one point between contractions telling my nurse that things were getting more intense but I don't think that she believed me.  For those of you who don't know about hypno babies you lay totally still during a contraction totally relaxing your body through the "pressure waves" (that is what they call contractions)  I had practiced for 2 months on how to get into deep relaxation quickly and comfortably.

Shortly after I told my nurse that things were getting more intense my water broke.  She had left the room so I told Danny to tell her when she came back.  I remember during a contraction I could hear Danny telling her and not believing him.  She was really great about respecting my wishes of not asking questions or bothering me while I was in hypnosis.  But she also didn't feel comfortable doing any of the checks she had to do on me with out me "knowing" haha.  I had to have my blood pressure monitored every half hour and get antibiotics because I tested positive for strep, so she would ask Danny to ask me when should could do those things, pretty funny.  So after my water broke she said she had to get a sample to make sure there wasn't any meconium in it but that she didn't want to do anything while I was in hypnosis.  Well I heard the conversation and after the contraction I assured her it did break, I then had to get up to go to the bathroom, and lets just say you could tell as I was walking that it had definitely broken :).

Side bar, going to the bathroom was so annoying, I had to be unplugged from my lovely collection of IVs, blood pressure, fetal monitoring, and then drag all my medicine with me.  Plus I had to have the nurse or Danny help me walk, or be close because I was all woozy from the MAG.  So that was special.

All my wonderful drugs
Ok,  so I got to the bathroom in between contractions.  Danny was there so I could lean against him and relax when I was having contractions which was so helpful (and yes I was still listening to my laboring track on my iPod this whole time)  Well things got really intense while I was in the bathroom and I remember telling Danny that I needed to get to the bed ASAP after the next contraction because I didn't want to get stuck in the bathroom.  I also asked him to ask my nurse to check me when I got there because I wanted to know how far along I was, so I could mentally prepare for how much longer I would be laboring.

So I barely got to the bed and the nurse checked me and I was at an 8, yay!  So that means I went from a 3 to an 8 in about an hour, awesome!  My nurse told me that she had to give me my last dose of antibiotics, so she started doing that when I had a really intense contraction, so intense that I remember thinking that at this point I could either freak out, or relax like I have been practicing.  I chose to relax, which was a little hard this time but I did it.  Then shortly after that contraction I felt like I had to poop, haha.  I am pretty sure I told Danny that or yelled it out or something, oh goodness.  Now that I look back it was Oliver's head coming down (note to self, if you feel like you need to poop, it means you are going to start pushing soon)  And then my body took over.  I have never felt bearing down sensations before so strong because I had an epidural with Mason and Lily.  That was a crazy feeling and I lost control for just a second.  Danny was a life savor because he came over and put his hand on my shoulder and told me to relax (a technique used with hypnobabies) and it instantly helped.  I told him to change the tracks on my iPod to "pushing baby out" track.

I also remember saying something like "the babies coming, the babies coming" or something like that.  Then things are a little bit blurry... I remember my nurse saying, "I haven't had time to call the doctor yet, can you go find somebody"  I remember being on back and very uncomfortable, I really wanted to be up a little, more in sitting position to push him out but I couldn't get there.  I remember someone putting a blanket or something over my legs and I asked them to take it off because I was so hot.  I also remember Danny and my nurse moving me a little to be in better position on the bed for the doctor.  During this time April had not opened her eyes in a couple minutes, so she had no idea who was in the room(4 nurses and doctor who happened to be walking by).  One of the first things the doctor said was to scoot April back to prepare to catch the baby since the heads could be seen.  Between 2 nurse and me, we slid April back a little between a contraction.  And then I remember me asking Danny and my nurse to hold my legs for me so I could relax when I had to push.  I remember Danny telling me he could see the head. I know that Danny put the pushing baby out track on the iPod but I don't remember listening to it at all because I was so focused on pushing Oliver out.  Plus it only took a couple of pushes and he was out anyway.  My job was to verbally suggest to April to relax during contraction as well and squeeze the shoulder to instigate a pre-rehearsed hypno relax technique.  I had previously asked individually each person when they came in the to try to communicate with me rather than April if possible as to maintain what we practice.  I got the impression it caught most off-guard because April never made any noises more than a slight groan during the whole time.  By the time the Doctor was in place, there were 3 times that I suggested to April to push(per the doctor's request) and Oliver flew out.  April must have been so relaxed at that time that he couldn't help but slide.  It was such a crazy feeling pushing him out because really my body took over, it is amazing what your body can do while you are relaxed.  He was born at 5:14pm.  I can't believe my doctor was in the room 2 hours before talking about breaking my water around 7:00pm to get things started, ha!

I was so surprised when he came out that he was here already and so quickly, I had really anticipated on things going on through the night.  I kept saying "this is so weird" from the shock of him already in my arms. I wasn't surprised that he was a boy, for those of you who don't remember, we decided to be surprised this time around.  I had such a strong feeling for most of my pregnancy that he was a boy.  So when he came out and they told us he was a boy, I really wanted to say "Duh, I know" haha.  I was so excited to hold my little Oliver.  He cried a lot more than my other two did, they put him right on my chest and I got to clean him up a bit after he stopped crying.  Oh goodness, he was so cute and of course "squishy" perfect for his nick name!

Once Oliver calmed down and the shock wore off for me (really he is here already?)  I "came back to earth" when I sort of snapped out of hypnosis... and BAM there was like 5 extra people in the room that I have never seen before.  At least 3 extra nurses and a doctor I have never met.  I said something like "well hi people I have never met"  They then proceeded to tell me that I progressed so fast that my nurse didn't have time to call my doctor.  In fact my doctor wasn't even available then (because it was the ONE hour she was going to be gone, of course!)  she had a back up doctor for that hour but my nurse didn't have time to call him so they had to grab a random doctor that happened to be walking by at the time.  Her name was Dr. Kerney and she was so so nice.  After they all told me who they were, Dr Kerney asked me "what the heck was on the iPod" haha, she was so amazed at the whole hypnobirthing experience and asked me all sorts of questions, so I tried to explain to her and the other nurses about my preparation the last couple of months and what the the hypnobabies tracks said.  They were all fascinated and I am so glad that I could give them a good impression about hypnobirthing in case they ever ran into someone in the future.

My nurse later told me that she had had a few other women come in saying they were going to do the hypnobabies but that it didn't work for them.  She had never seen it work and was impressed it worked so well for me.  And then apparently I became the talk of the labor and delivery floor from all the nurses.  Not only because I had successfully used hypnobabies but that I had preeclamsia and had to be on magnesium for so long.  I had a bunch of nurses come in and ask me about it, which was fun and I was happy to tell anyone who wanted to hear.  I would love to spread good stories about natural hypnobirthing to help motivate any expectant mother who might like to try it :)

One blessing about being in labor and delievery so long before Oliver was born was that I could explain my plan and tell a little about hypnobabies to all the different nurses I had (I had quite a few by the time my labor actually started, ha!)  Especially my nurse Jennifer who actually delivered him, there was enough time before things got intense and I was in my little world of hypnosis to tell her that I wasn't going to answer her questions that I would be lying still etc.  So now hopefully if someone else comes in using hypnobabies the nurses will better understand their wishes of being left alone and not to interrupt especially during a contraction.  I do also have to say that all the nurses that I encountered during my almost 5 day stay in the hospital, where so so so SO wonderful.  They really do want your experience to be great and I think since all the preeclamsia they were being extra nice to me, hehe.  I also LOVED that I was so popular on L&D not because I wanted a pat on the back but because I was able to help spread a positive experience with hypnobabies!

I had intended my friend Sharon to take picture of the birth for me (before and after) but things obviously went so quickly that she didn't get there in time which I think turned out fine.  She was able to get there about a half hour after he was born which was nice because she was able to get pictures of him being weighed and measured and a few family shots.  I am so thankful to have these!  After picture time the nursery took Oliver to get him bathed and Sharon and Danny left.  The whole timing turned out great because Danny was able to get Mason and Lily before bed time and bring them home to our house since they had been at Anjanette's for 2 days.

(Saturday) I had to stay on the magnesium sulfate drip for 24 hours after delivery.  So I still didn't get to eat real food, only jello, pudding and italian ice.  But that was ok because I didn't really feel like eating the MAG made me feel pretty yucky but I stayed positive the whole time.  In fact, some of the nurses called me "chipper MAG lady" because I was being nice and happy.  I didn't see any point in acting miserable, that would only make me feel worse and everyone else grumpy.  I had to stay down in labor and delivery while getting the MAG because I had to be closely monitored and they don't do that up in the recovery rooms.  Danny and the kids came to visit me and see Oliver which was fun and helped distract me until 5:00pm when I could eat!  The kids seemed to be more excited the tiny closet which they could barely hide in more than seeing the baby today.  Although they did take every chance they could to snuggle with Oliver on Mom's bed with her.  The nurses were all so great, especially helping me with Oliver.  I had to be on blood pressure medication plus the MAG made me very shaky and I didn't feel comfortable holding him while standing or walking, so they would give him to me to nurse and help me change his diaper which was very helpful.

Finally at 5:00 I got off the MAG and could finally take a shower and eat dinner, which was heaven!  Then at around 6:30 I got to go to a regular recovery room.  Danny and the kids helped me get there before he took them home and off to bed.  My friend Hannah came to visit me around 7:00 ish which was really fun and she brought me flowers and told me that my other friend Wendy had her baby the day after Oliver and as she was retelling the story I realized that I had heard her scream down in the labor and delivery room earlier that morning, poor thing!  So we went down the hall to visit her.  Wendy and I always joked around about being in the hospital at the same time and it came true, even though Oliver was supposed to be younger than Max :)

(Sunday) The next day was supposed to be my last day in the hospital and when I woke up in the morning I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  I think all the adrenaline that had kept me positive and happy during the whole ordeal finally came crashing down on me.  And I realized later the heavy dose of blood pressure medication was making me feel really crazy.  I jokingly told the nurses it wasn't fair that I had to spend one of my recovery days down in labor and delivery getting MAG.  I really wanted to cry I felt so bad and I could hardly hold Oliver without shaking because I was so weak.  A little while later my wonderful doctor came in and asked if I needed to stay another day.  HALLELUJAH, it was music to my ears.  I never thought I would be so happy to spend another day and night in the hospital but I really needed it to rest and have help, especially at night... plus my blood pressure was still high so then they could monitor that too.

So I got to spend another day in the hospital.  Danny brought the kids by after church to say hi to me.  Mason was upset because Danny told him I was coming home today and then all the sudden I wasn't :(  But he got distracted pretty easily.  My friend Anjanette came and visited me that night which is always fun, and then I got some rest that night as the nurses brought me Oliver to eat and then would take him back to the nursery.  Then the next day Danny came and got me from the hospital and we all got to go home yay!  And luckily I complained enough about the blood pressure medication making me feel so crazy that they lowered the dose of it which was perfect.  If I hadn't stayed another day in the hospital I might not have been able to figure that out and get it fixed so quickly.

Overall the rest of the recovery was a little rough, mostly because of the blood pressure medication that I have had to be on.  I have been to the doctor 2 times and go again next week to get checked out and check my blood pressure.  They did lower one more time, so I hope next week at my 6 week appt I will be able to stop taking it like most people said should happen!  Luckily I had a lot of help with my mom and grandma coming out for 2 weeks and then my wonderful mother in law coming out right after that for almost 3.  It was such a blessing not only because I am adjusting to being a mother of 3 but because of that awful medicine that I can't wait to be rid of!

So there is the birth story of my sweet Oliver Richard Newman, I am glad that I had a positive mind frame the whole time so the preeclamsia didn't ruin the wonderfulness of his actual birth and the hypnobabies experience.  I highly suggest the program to anyone interested in having a wonderful natural birth.  And even though my no intervention drug free plan didn't work out like I wanted (silly preeclamsia) I am still so so happy with his actual birth.  That part did go to plan which is awesome.  Another great thing about hypnobabies is that because of all the positive messages I had been listening too for the last couple of months I was able to stay positive through out the entire ordeal with all the IV's and feeling yucky.  I am also grateful that the MAG worked against the pitocin so that my labor didn't go 0-60 like other people I know.  I feel like when the labor actually started it was gradual just like it would have been if I went into labor naturally at home.  If anyone has any questions about hypnobabies send me an email or give me a call, I LOVE talking about it, hehe!  I am sure there are other things I am leaving out but this is a lot of details as it is, good for you if you read it all the way through :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Come out squishy!

Here is a little recap of the recent events...

Last night we finally got the results about the preeclamsia.  And I do have it infact it is pretty severe which is so weird to me.  From what I have learned from the doctors and nurses there are 4 factors they look for:
High Blood Pressure
Protein in urine
Something in blood work
Dizzyness, blurry vision, headache, seeing spots and pain in the chest

My blood work came back beautiful and I have had no other physical symptoms (dizzyness etc) I have had high blood pressure which was why they were keeping me at the hospital to await the results of the 24 urine test.  The doctor said that if the protein count was above 300 it was condsidered preeclamsia.  Well my number was close to 5000!  Woah.  I am glad they figure out everything when they did especially since I have been feeling fine. 

To be "eclamtic" is to have a sesizure, so that is why they moniter me so closely, they don't want me to seize out.  To help prevent this I have had to be on an IV of magnesium sulfate.  It is pretty icky, it is making me feel groggy and hot, blah.  So last night I had to be on the magnesium and had cervidal put in to help soften my cervix to be ready for pictocin this morning.  I kept hoping the cervidal would put me into labor but it didn't, oh well.  At least I got a little sleep last night exept for being hot and having to pee all the time.

Now I have been having pitocin since 8:30 this morning (it is 11:30 now) but nothing has started yet..... the nurse said the magnesium fights with the pitocin so it is a little battle.  I really really hope that things will get started soon.

I am feeling pretty groggy and kind of nauseous, I am not allowed to eat anything of coures, not that I want any food.  Surprisingly I am looking forward to some nice contractions because that means I will get to meet this baby sooner!

I was thinking how glad I am that we are being surprised this time around, it adds something fun to look forward too since this is not the birthing experiance I had planned. But I am staying positive and trying to enjoy it as much as I can!

Thanks for all the nice thoughts and prayers, I love that we have technology that I can share this with my friends and family so quickley.  And all the nice facebook really make me feel better! 

Hopefully the next time I post it will include pictures of a baby! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

At the hospital

So I am sitting here in the hospital waiting to see if I have preeclamsia or not.  From what I know it can be dangerous for mom because of high blood pressure.  I looked it up yesterday and was sure I couldn't really have it because well I have no symptoms of it (blurry vision, head aches, seeing spots or pain in my tummy)  I have just had some protein in my urine and my blood pressure kept creaping up.

Yesterday my doctor had me do a 24 hour urine sample, I won't go into details on how fun that was... that is what we are awaiting the test results.  The blood tests came back normal.  But my blood pressure is still high as I sit here in the hospital so I am guessing that I will probably be induced...

I am not really excited to be induced, for the last couple of months I have been mentally preparing for a wonderful natural hypnobirthing using hypnobabies.  I have had quite a few friends use it and had wonderful experiances.  And I anticipate everything to be wonderful this time even though it is not beginning the way I want it.  I am trying to stay positive about the whole situation.  I am really really excited to meet this baby and I am certainly DONE being pregnant, I just keep hoping I will spontaneously go into labor right this second :) 

It is weird to me since I have had such a normal pregnancy just like the other 2.  The doctor said it can come at anytime and there is nothing I did to cause it, I guess that makes me feel a little bit better.

I am so happy I have wonderful friends that can watch Mason and Lily and Ralph while I wait here at the hospital forever and ever!  Danny is at home right now getting all my stuff that I didn't have packed because I was sure I would have a least a week before anything happened.

It is snowing outside, how beautiful!  All right back to my book and awaiting the doctors word.  I just wanted to write a few thougths down before I forgot. 

Prayers are much appreciated :) 


Boy or Girl?  Red hair?  I am so excited to meet my baby :)

Monday, January 23, 2012


Here are the last few weeks of my pregnant belly before Squishy graced us with his presence!





Saturday, January 21, 2012

A little bit of snow

(Pictures taken 1/21/12) We have been having the craziest New York winter.  Besides the freak snow storm in October we have had NO snow.  Normally I wouldn't complain but it is the first year where we can actually enjoy it with the kids, Mason always asks me when we can go out and play in the snow haha.  Well one day we got about an inch total so we though we would still go outside and make the best of it :)  It didn't last long but we sure had fun.  And for those of you who are happy we didn't get too much snow this winter you can personally thank us since after living here for 4 years we finally broke down and bought a snowblower, how is that for ironic, haha!