Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am tired. Danny is tired. Mason is tired. I wrote a big long post about the last couple days and nights of a tired cranky boy. Mason who has slept through the night since he was 10 weeks old and put him self to sleep since he was 6 months old, decided that sleeping was scary :( It has been a little stressful having this night and day change (literally this time last week he loved his bed and loved to sleep) Anyway I decided that instead of focusing on my worry I would write down some positive things from the last couple of days.

*Lily sleeps like a dream 10:00 pm - 8:00 am
*Today Lily put herself to sleep twice, when I didn't even mean to try... I just needed to lay her down to take care of something for Mason, YAY!
*Mason's language skills are growing exponentially, it is wonderful to see him grow, learn and use his imagination
*I am so grateful to my friend Hollie who gave us an extra crib, so Mason is still trapped!
* I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the knowledge that I have of his love and plan of happiness
* I am grateful for the spirit that I feel even when I am at a breaking point with my kids. I felt a wonderful peace tonight as I was rocking Lily and watching Mason play. I am grateful I am a mother that can learn and grow as I watch Mason and Lily learn and grow.

Here is a little video of my beautiful children. Nothing is better than listening to their laughter. As a side note Lily only laughs this hard at Mason, she loves him!

P.S. if any of you experience moms or inexperienced moms having any advice or suggestions as to help Mason sleep again I would greatly appreciate it.

(update : Mason fell asleep after a few minutes of crying so here's to hoping it will last through the night!)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blessing Day

I am so behind on blogging... here are some pictures taken of Lily in her blessing dress. Lily was blessed when she was 2 months old on August 23.

My mom made her dress and it is very special to me because it was made from the left over lace of my wedding dress. And extra extra special because this lace survived the fire my mom and dad had at their house almost exactly 5 years ago. My wedding dress didn't survive so I am glad I get to have a little piece to remember.

Lily in her "wedding dress" (that is what Danny kept calling it)

Here is a picture of me in my wedding dress... it is hard to see the detail of the dress in the picture. Click to enlarge. My mom made the dress and hand beaded all of the lace. She is amazing!

Danny and Lily (this isn't on the actual day of the blessing because I forgot to take pictures)

My mom made a bonnet to go with the dress, it was a little big but she still looked cute! Raquel I think she looks so much like you as a baby in this picture.

She was definitely a princess in this dress!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 months

My baby girl is getting so big! She turned 3 months yesterday :)

* She smiles all the time, especially when she first wakes up and after she eats

* She likes it when Mason will pay attention to her (which is about 5 secs a day)

* She started laughing, it is so cute... video coming soon

* Lily loves to "talk" and sometimes she gets so excited it sounds like she is yelling

* I am not sure but I think she weighs around 17 lbs and we just measured her at 25 1/2 inches

We love our chubby princess :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

What happened to my little boy who would sleep until 8-8:30 sometimes 9!!! He has been getting up between 6 and if we are lucky 7 :( man I wish he would figure it out, or that Danny and I could figure out what is going on. My little girlie is sleeping so fantastic, she sleeps till 8 or 8:30. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the would both sleep in together, no tag team... ah to dream, literally :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I have posted a whole bunch of pictures the past few days so keep scrolling down :)

brother and sister

I was going through Lily's polka dot pictures and I can't believe how much she and Mason look alike. I tried to find pictures with similar expressions and similar ages...

Lily 2.5 months

Mason 2.5 months

Watcha think? I think they are definitely related, haha!

polka dots

I love Lily's red polka dot dress. But I mostly love her perfectly round belly and belly button :)

Guess what aunt Heather, I think she is going to have an outie like you

pretty blue eyes

first time in the bumbo chair, I think she likes it

aren't squishy arms so yummy... I can't get enough

my babies

Mason and Ralph


Mason and Lily


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Randomly Mason wanted me to swaddle him after he saw me swaddling Lily. He is so funny :)

bath time

Here are some pictures of Mason and Lily taking a bath together. Mason thought it was fun having "bebe" with him and he only poured water on her face twice :)


This is some of the spoils we got a few weeks ago. We had to pull out the zucchini and summer squash because they were turning to mush. When we pulled them up the roots popped out some of the carrots, they were so cute and tiny. In the middle you can see the last pepper I pulled those plants also. We got one last zucchini, a whole bunch of tomatoes (this is just one day mind you... I had so many that I was able to make 5 qts of tomato sauce) and green beans, I could pick this many if not more at least once a week!

The only things left in the garden is the carrots, green onions, basil, green beans and the dead tomato plants (which are coming out this weekend)

Danny washing the carrots. Not fast enough for Mason apparently

He loves carrots

I don't think they will last long when we pull up the rest :)

Snuggling with grandma

Mason and Lily loved snuggling with grandma while she was here :)

Lily is sleep smiling

This one is my favorite

Thursday, September 3, 2009

family pictures

We took grandma and grandpa for a walk by the river and decided to take some family pictures :)

Mason and Danny checking out the ducks

Three generations of Newmans

Grandma and Grandpa, Denise and Kent

Pictures with the grandkids... I LOVE LOVE Mason's face in this one, haha

Here is another one that I cropped close just because I think he looks so darling and I love the faux hawk

New York Newmans

Thought I would grab a picture with my kids since I am usually the one taking pictues

Totally blurry but that's what makes it so great!

Cute boys!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Grandma was here for a week, and then Grandpa came to join in the fun. Grandpa had never been to Palmyra so Danny took them and Mason to go check it out. Lily and I stayed home because it was supposed to rain all day (it didn't but whatever)

In the car ready to go...

Run run run, on the tour of Smith farm

Checking out the water

This picture is so funny to me... this is Mason's pre rocking throwing pose, haha

Looking at the map, I think they are lost :)

In the Sacred Grove

Walking around down town Palmyra

Palmyra Temple

On top of the Hill Cumorah

Rolling down the hill

Running down the hill (Danny said a couple of times he would start running so fast and couldn't stop and he would start screaming, haha... don't worry Danny would stop him)