Monday, April 30, 2012

digging ditches

Our yard is really wet, we are below a hill and with the sump pump it can be a mess back there.  When we first moved in Danny put in some pipes underground to help steer the water away from our yard.  He decided he wanted it to go back further to see if it would help more.  We were watching the Yeager kids when he started digging and they had a blast, especially because they saw and held so many worms :)  

Random iPhone pictures for April

Playing airplane

Mason's first portrait of me :)

Mason's first family picture

Reading books to his brother

sleeping with his arm up

Carrot cake

Lily gave herself her first hair cut, yikes!

I think she misses being the baby


Straightening Lily's hair for fun

I love them!

Writing get well letters!

My BFF knows what I like for my birthday :)


Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Fun

Our Easter weekend turned out to be a blast.  On Friday night our friend invited us over for a flashlight Easter egg hunt.  The kids were so exited they could hardly wait!  And let me tell you they ended up with a haul of eggs with lots of fun prizes and treats.  Lily was really funny because at first she didn't want to get any of the eggs that were in the dirt and dirty, which is ironic because she loves to play in the dirt.  When we got back inside the house Mason was really prompt to open all his eggs and see all the loot he got!

The kids were so excited that the Easter bunny came to visit.  They each got a new outfit, some squinkies,  stickers and a couple other small toys.  They also got to find some easter eggs that were hidden around the living room full of stickers.

Mason realized when he started coming down the stairs that there were eggs everywhere.  He was holding Lilys hand as they came down the stairs but then quickly let go to grab all eggs he could.  It was a little frustrating to me because Lily didn't get to find many eggs.

Then we decorated this cute little baby with eggs so he didn't feel left out :)

Overall it was a lot of fun, having kids is a blast! '