Monday, May 31, 2010

Look what Lily learned yesterday!

I hope you can see the movie... it won't play on my computer but it did on Danny's :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Is fun in the summer too!

Mason was not happy that Lily got a ride too!

Bubbles and Brady part 4

Oh how we love to play outside and summer is the perfect time for bubbles :)

Oh and Lily is super cute, just so you know!


So cute!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Moraeu Beach, Brady part 3

The Saturday Brady was here we decided to do something fun since the weather was so nice.  We asked our neighbor who kayaks a lot the best place for us to go and she suggested a cute little lake called Moreau Lake.  This was Lily's first time at a beach, and Mason definitely wasn't old enough to remember the last time he was at one, so it was tons of fun for the kids!

The hat and binki lasted for about 2 minutes

This is the "sand castle"  that Danny was trying to make, haha

Queen of the mountain!

Danny showing Mason how to clean off his hands in the water

Mason was a little nervous about going into the water

To say she got sandy is an understatement!!!

Brady has lots of camera's and is sporting the MacArthur squint :)

This was a hole Danny and Mason dug, then the filled it up with water.  Lily had a fun time throwing stuff in it

For some awful reason I thought it would be a good idea to bring Ralph... bad idea he is so annoying barking at everyone the whole time!

Oh yes she ate the sand, and liked it.  I am surprised there is any left on the beach!

Awe, a nice big spoonful just for her :)

Boys building more things

Mason finally decided he like the water!
Oh these poor pink shorts got ruined, but it was worth it!

Danny building + kids destroying = lots of fun!

Bubbles are always fun :)

Oh man she is cute!  I still find sand on her a week later :)

Brady really really loves it when I take his picture!

Look here I am!!!

Mason certainly got braver, as long as Danny was near

Lily found another hole to sit in :)

At then end we stripped her down and dunked her in the water.  I wish I would have done it earlier because she loved it!  Though this picture doesn't quite show it!

I love the beach and I am glad the kids do too.  Plus I think Danny and I are a perfect pair because I like to sit and layout, be lazy etc when I am at the beach.  He likes to explore, build things, play etc, so he had fun playing with the kids, especially Mason.  Too cute!  

I seriously can't wait to go to Bear Lake this summer!!!  Less than 2 months, yay :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Play time in Mason's room

I think these pictures speak for themselves!