Sunday, June 28, 2009

baby got back, uh... crack

Mason has enjoyed his week of one on one attention with daddy. A favorite activity has been playing in the kiddie pool on our deck. This time he got a little antsy and jumped in with his diaper on, it was so funny to watch him get in and out and move around with a massive diaper :)

Can you see how big the diaper is through the shorts?

As a result it created major plumbers crack!

And every time he would sit in the water all these bubble would come out of his bum, it was sooo funny! We got it on video too maybe we will post it soon :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

first days at home

just home from the hospital

first night

this is a newborn size outfit that barley fits her :)

my happy girl :)

more from the hospital and first family photos

Mason meeting Lily for the first time, she is about 12 hours old

Day 2 at the hospital

Mason liked her a little better the second day... giving Lily kisses

Mason holding "da bebe" for the first time... Lily looks scared

Dad and Lily

I love the squishy look on her face

Dad with his kids

first family photo

Day 3 at the hospital

she doesn't like to be naked so much

getting dressed to come home

in the car seat to go home! yay

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lily's first pictures

Name: Lily Mae Newman

DOB: June 22nd 2009

Time: 3:52 am

Weight: 9 lbs 3 oz

Height: 21.5 inches

Mom and daughter are doing well :-)

All 10 toes are accounted for!

A little bit camera shy at the moment.

Yawwwnnnn......Mom is much more exciting than Dad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garden update

Here is a picture I took yesterday of our garden... it makes me so happy that things are growing... well not the basil so much, but that is ok. The cilantro, green peppers and tomatoes we put in a week and half ago, everything else is a little over 3 weeks growing :)

Here is a picture of our 9 other tomato plants... did you hear the story? I am special and bought waaaay to many. I gave some to my neighbors and then I didn't want them to die so we put them in pots. Some of them aren't looking so good, any ideas on how to revive them?

And here is our special box... I originally planted parsley, then Mason threw a whole bunch of carrot seeds in there :) I know I should probably pull them but I am kinda curious what is going to happen!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

39 weeks

Here I am 39 weeks... I know it is not the best picture but whatever :)

I can't wait to meet this little girl, I hope she comes soon... I am getting over the fact that by now I would have already had Mason :)

random PS... Tonight at our family prayer Mason tried to "repeat" what Danny was saying. It was all his own language, but seriously the sweetest thing I have ever seen and heard. He is getting so big :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

random cuteness...

pool time

Last weekend we finally got the pool out for Mason. We thought Mason would jump right in seeing as he LOVES bath time. He didn't like to sit in it so much....

But he sure liked to throw things in! yup those are his pretzels, yummy :)

playing outside

riding the bike grandma MacArthur gave you for Christmas

checking out the birds and the "cat" (it is fake)

sidewalk chalk is more fun to use on the car...

and your tummy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our home...

About a week ago we got our house appraised because we are refinancing our home. That meant making our house look super clean and neat (which it hardly is!) I took advantage of my clean home and took pictures before my little red headed tornado could make his rounds through the house. So here is our home which might be boring for most of you but my some of the grandparents and such will enjoy... or maybe you will just laugh if you have been to my house before because seriously it never looks like this :)

The front of our house (the door is on the side, I forgot to get the picture)

The back... you can see the sliding glass door we put in last summer, the deck and garden and of course toys!!!

Living room area

sliding glass door, desk and play area

the view from the other side looking into the kitchen

The kitchen

Master bedroom

Mason's new "car" room. The sheet on the bed has cars on it so when he is ready for bed he runs to the crib and says "vroom vroom" to get in his "car bed"

Looking into the nursery... it is still decorated for when Mason was in here, I never got pictures before so here they are. We are going to change the bedding and valances when my mom gets here to help with baby Lily. Everything else will stay the same.

Crib and dresser that were given to us for our dear friends from the BX (thank goodness too because Mason is NOT ready for a toddler bed)
Chair and book shelf were also given to us... we still come in here to read stories and snuggle before naps and bedtime

This is the room in the basement that Danny finished, well almost finished... it still needs trim and other final touches but for now it is great and Mason LOVES to play down here!

another view... Danny did the lighting, wiring, sheet rocking, mudding, painting and layed the carpet (with some help from friends and family) I am so lucky to be married to him :)

storage in the basement

Laundry room/scrapbooking, sewing, crafting/ food storage. One day we hope to finish the last two rooms in the basement!

So there is a lovely tour of our little home. We love it and are so grateful that we are able to own a home in a nice area with nice neighbors :)