Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mason & Lily ~ 4 months

People often ask me who Lily looks like. I think Lily has more Danny and Mason has more April... But overall I think that Mason and Lily look ALOT alike!

Guess who is who?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lily 5 months

My sweet little Lily is 5 months old (yesterday)

* she loves to smile and laugh, she especially loves it when you hold her and give her undivided attention :)
*she loves to watch Ralph play, and thinks it is funny when he jumps up to get a toy
*she can offically sit up on her own for 5-10 mins as long as she doesn't get distracted by her brother or Ralph off to the side

*she droooools like crazy and loves to be chewing on things.
*she will grab anything I am holding... phones, food etc
* she loves to play in her exersaucer
* she will walk a little bit if I hold her hands

*she is a great sleeper at night, usually 8-10 hours
*naps are a different story, lately I only get 40 min naps :(
* she doesn't like to be rocked to sleep, she wants to be in her bed with a binki
* she loves to take baths with Mason
* she loves to be naked and grab/eat her toes :)

Love you baby girl!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Speaking of Raquel...

I love her! She is my favorite older younger sister :) I planned on giving a shout out to each sibling on their birthday this year... I did one for Brady in January, but I forgot to do Raquel's in June (in my defense I had a 1 week old baby) But better late than never!!!

I have loved Raquel since the first day I met her...

I love to give her hugs...

and run around...

and of course tea parties (check out her AWESOME mullet, be jealous!)

and take baths together

and she makes funny faces, haha

speaking of funny faces, whenever we take family/group type pictures and say "ok now a funny one" Raquel is always the one that does not participate... she always looks cute and makes the rest of us look special!

Raquel thank you for being such a wonderful sister. I love your:
long hair and green eyes
your laid back personality
your work ethic
your love of books
weird quirks (like being even!)
blonde moments!

Thanks for being such a wonderful sister, Love you!


Raquel's visit

My sister Raquel came to visit last month... it was sooooooo nice having her here! She loved snuggling with her babies and was so nice to let me take naps :)

Isn't Lily's face amazing in this one!

Thank you Raquel for coming to visit! I can't wait for you to come back :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

pictures and bows

My friend Jessica who took newborn pictures HERE and HERE took some pictures of my Lily modeling some cute bows, from the belle and the beau.

That is a lot of linkyness (like my made up word!) So click here to see her latest pictures :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

my "sweet" baby

note: if you only have time to watch one watch the second one, it is funny!

Here is Lily being a sweet baby talking to her toys

And here is one where she is not being as "sweet" but still super cute and funny!

crazy animal

This is one of Mason's favorite activities :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween cont...

Here are some pictures from Halloween day. This was Mason's first year really trick or treating... last year we went to a mall which was no bueno... anyway 10 seconds after we stepped outside it started raining, again no bueno! Mason and his friend Gabe didn't seem to mind though. At first Mason was really shy and didn't want anything in his pumpkin, but then he realized he was getting CANDY and then he participated. So cute! If you look close you can see the rain!

Gabe and Mason showing us his candy

Later on after dinner we finally decided to carve our pumpkin (thanks Ashley!)

Mason liked pushing in the shapes

He especially loved having the candle inside! He started blowing on it and when the candle blew out he said, "ok I want a bite!" I guess he remember from his birthday, haha

I love Lily's face! This is how my kids always are, Mason excited about something and Lily excited that Mason is close :)

Happy Halloween!