Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter best

It is quite a process getting a picture of my three kids in their current stages of life.  Mason tries to be goofy or puts his chin to his chest to create a triple blob.  Lily hardly looks at the camera and gives me blank face or a weird awkward smile.  And Oliver doesn't want anyone to touch him or do anything I ask in general.  Fun times to say the least!  This is from Easter Sunday when I tried to get a quick picture before church and here is the all too normal process.  I am glad I got one in the end :)  And at the very bottom is a picture of them from 2012 when Oliver was only a few months old.  I can't believe how big everyone is getting :)

Palmyra Temple

After spending the night at Seneca Lake Danny and I took the kids to the Palmyra Stake Center where our ward had set up babysitting for all the kids too young to enter the temple.  We have an amazing couple in our ward, the Maughan's, who watched over 40 kids for the majority of the day as parents came and went though out the day.  Danny and I were on the first shift for helping babysitting, then Danny went to help with the youth baptisms then I met Danny at the temple to do an session together.  It was really great, I don't think I have been to the temple with Danny for over 3 years!  

After the kids played all day, inside and out of the church building, we took them to dinner and then back to the temple for the kids to see.  My favorite is Oliver in his princess boots (which he loves) his ball, binky and lovey, this kids is a hoot!  On our way home we stopped at the hill cumorah and the kids, amazingly, hiked all the way to the top!  Even Oliver who hadn't had a nap that day!!!!  

It was a great trip, I am thankful for my wonderful friends from church, my family and most importantly my Savior Jesus Christ!!!  

Video of our trip to Seneca Lake and Palmyra

In the previous post you can see all the pictures I took at the campground, and coming soon are the temple pictures!  Here is the video that Danny made of the weekend for you to enjoy as well :)

Camping at Seneca Lake

A couple of weekends ago we stayed in the cabins at the girls camp at Seneca Lake.  We did it so that we could easily go to the Palmyra Temple with our ward (to my non LDS friends here is an explanation of a ward)  since the temple is about 3 hours away it was nice to stay the night closer.  It was extra fun because our really close friends the Yeager's and Madsen's were there to stay with us, in fact we all stayed in the same cabin so we could keep warm.  I am amazed at the wonderful cabins, they are so much nicer than the cabins I stayed for Brighton Camp when I was in Utah!  Each cabin slept 16 on very nice beds, it was fun!  I unfortunately didn't get many pictures of the Yeagers since they came when it was almost dark!  

We had dinner together with the Madsens and then the kids ran free around the camp for a while, exploring the river and finding as many sticks as possible.  Oliver walked around in his princess boots and bags of goldfish :)  That evening we had a few more friends from the ward come to stay and we had a little fireside around the campfire where each family did a skit.  The Newman's sang the Olaf snowman song from Frozen :)  

The kids got to bed really really late but went to bed pretty easily.  The next morning they of course woke up early but that is ok.  We cleaned up and got ready to go to the temple!  Pictures of that with the next post!