Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boston part 3

After we visited the Temple we decided to go and visit my aunt and my cousins daughter, Veronica (my second cousin?)  My aunt Kathie was visiting taking care of Nica while Celeste was taking care of her husband who was recovering from surgery in the hospital.  It was really nice to see Kathie and Nica.  We love the red hair of course :)

 Don't worry Mason is not terrified of Nica, he just did NOT want his picture taken :)  Nica was really patient and kind to Mason, letting him play with all her toys and finding things for him to color.

Yup nice and blurry Mason throwing a fit!  Nica sure looks sweet holding Lily though :)

Lily was a bit more cooperative :)

Thanks for letting us visit!  Can't wait to see you soon :)

Boston part 2

The next day after breakfast we decided to take Mason and Lily to see the Temple.  Mason thought it was pretty cool, but was more interested in finding rocks, oh such a boy!

March = no green!

Ok I found a little color :)

Boston part 1

At the end of March we had the opportunity to go to Boston as a family.  Danny and I were able to attend a Temple session while some friends from church watched Mason and Lily (and other kids from church) in a hotel room.  It was really nice for Danny and I to go together, as I am sure it was for other parents!

Then as a bonus since the hotel room was payed for, we got to spend the night!  It was so much fun, especially swimming in a "BIG pool!"  Mason is going to be a fishy that is for sure :)

In the hot tub for a second... Mason didn't want to be here, but in the big, COLD, pool haha!

This was Lily's first time swimming and she got a new swim suit to celebrate.  And yes she is the cutest, and no you can't keep her :)

I don't wanna grow up!

I don't want you too either :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lily 10 months

My little chickadee turned 10months old yesterday.  She is generally happy and smiley.  She LOVES Mason and Ralph and follows them around the house.  She is really shy around people she doesn't know, in fact the only time she will snuggle is when we around strangers because she doesn't want me to let her go :)
  • She got 2 top middle teeth this last month, and it makes her look so much older!
  • Her cheeks are nice and rosy after I nurse her, and I love it!
  • She can say mama and dada but doesn't use them correctly
  • she cruises around the house like crazy and has become quite a fast crawler
  • her mission in life is to get the toilet paper in the bathroom and Ralph's dog food in the kitchen
  • she will eat almost everything I give her, sometimes she makes funny faces but still opens her mouth!
  • Her 9month (pretty much 10month) stats are: Weight 19lbs 15oz (only gained 1 oz!) height 28 1/2 inches and head 18 1/2 inches.  All around the 70th percentile.
We love you baby girl!  Welcome to the double digits :)

Mason is 2 1/2

On April 19th, also my bday!, Mason officially turned 30 months.  He is so much fun and certainly keeps me on my toes!  He loves cars, trucks, trains, balls, sticks, rocks, flowers, animals and dinosaurs.  He loves "bekfast" and snack time snuggling and reading books (especially "new books" from the library).  When you first meet him is is really shy and then when he warms up he is as crazy as can be.  

 Here are some funny things he does lately:

  • When Danny speaks Spanish to Mason, he will reply in total gibberish with out skipping a beat!
  • 90% of the time he falls asleep with his pillow or a blanket over his face
  • He calls quesadillas,quesa"daddy"
  • For a week or so he went through a phase of calling me "mama" and danny "danny."  So he has gone from calling Danny "guy" then "danny" and now finally he calls  him "dad"
  • His newest favorite game is "chase Ralph" which consists of Mason grabbing one of his big trucks and chasing Ralph around the house... Ralph, unlike Mason, does not like this game!
  • He loves piggy back rides from dad
  • watering the garden with mom and then playing with the hose
  • Loves going to the "nursery gym" while I work out

Some of the funny things he says:

  • Oh this is so yummy in my tummy
  • calls Lily a chickadee (because that is what I call her sometimes)
  • Monkey = "booksie"
  • Peperoni = "paperoosie"
  • "mom, mom, mom, mom..... MOM"  (just like that clip from family guy where stewie keeps saying mom over and over... I don't watch that show but I see the commercial on TBS)
  • "mom you kiss my tongue!"  so gross
  • "what's dat?"
  • "what color is dis?"
  • "Oh WOW!"  (to almost anything new to him)

Happy 2 1/2 years Mason!  We love watching you grow and learn new things!  xoxoxo :)

*edit*  Mason's 2 1/2 year stats:  34lbs and is 36inches tall... The height is probably off since he wouldn't really lay still to get measured :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love my children

Today I feel like I am taking crazy pills!  This picture about sums it up :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Walking by the river... again :)

These were taken a month ago on a nice spring evening.  I love days like this when, on the whim we decide to go do something fun :)  Mason had a blast and loves to throw rocks in the river!
 Warning there are a lot of pictures!  I am sure I will here something from Danny :)

At the beginning of the trail, already finding rocks!

Dad is holding Mason's rocks

Ha, I love funny outtakes! 

Awe, I love my red heads!

"its toooooo heavy guy"

If you look really close you can see a blurry rock and hand above Mason's head

Yes her hair is red!

Man I want to kiss his cheeks!

And now for some rock throwing...

"can I throw this one?"
I love this picture of him!

chubby legs :)


These photos were originally taken on 3/20/2010

mohawk river

We love to go on walks by the river, here are some non people pictures :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

no no no...

I finally uploaded videos to my computer! Here is a little highlight of what fun things we are up too!

spring garden week 1

Yesterday my spring garden turned 1 week old :)  I am so happy that we decided to experiment with some spring vegetables.  Most of these should be ready to harvest right in time for us to start our summer garden, yay!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

playing outside

Nice weather means going on walks and playing outside :)

Lily got a new hat and likes to eat it!

Mason wearing Lily's sunglasses

Mason found a cat tail and loved to play with it...

He carried it around for the rest of the walk

And he especially like to swing and shake it!

This is what she does in the stroller... chill :)

See Lily this is why you have the hat on, to keep the sun out of your eyes...

Hahaha, and then this happens when you try and pull it off :)

Mason sliding

And Ralph playing :)

We love the nice weather... now things need to start turning green :)

These pictures were taken on 3/19