Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hose fun

This summer we finally taught Mason how to use the hose which is a little scary and Danny and I did get wet an unexpected times haha.  But it is a fun way to let him cool himself off!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You know you are pregnant when....

You haven't blogged in over a month.
On a good day you only throw up twice.
Walking makes you motion sick.
Moving makes you motion sick.
Taking showers makes you throw up.
Your kids watch waaaay too much tv.
Your oldest child knows all the theme songs to every PBS show.
Your oldest child knows the entire schedule to PBS and when his favorite TV shows are on.
Your favorite things in the world become your worst enemy aka avocados and ice cream and chocolate :(
Thinking about food makes you nausous and hungry.
Your husband has to go to work, come home cleans the house, feed the kids and himself.
You have a deep deep desire to consume every cinnamon bear on the earth.
You cry when you realize no one in NY knows what a cinnamon bear is.
You cry happily when your mom sends you 5lbs of cinnamon bears from Utah.
You get to have yummy food delivered/ taken out and husband and kids stuck with mac and cheese.
You throw up that food that just cost 15 dollars so you cry again and vow not to purchase anymore takeout.
The only food you want is takeout.
Your husband is scared to ask you a question.
You let your daughter draw all over herself just so you can sleep for 5 minutes.
You have only taken 10 pictures of your kids in the last 3 months!
Water makes you nauseous.
Sitting and standing makes you nauseous.
Being on the computer and watching TV makes you nauseous. 
The only time you don't feel nauseous is when you are asleep. 
Throwing up becomes part of everyday conversation.
You get mad at your husband when he gets sick.
Grocery shopping is torture.
You get whatever you want because your husband loves you and is scared of you :) 
You make a post without pictures, I mean really......
You are READY READY READY for the first trimester to be OVER, yes please thank you!

Monday, July 25, 2011

random iPhone pics July

Lily's first pig tail braids :)  I am surprised she sat so still!

Lily loves cheese!

I am blonde again!

My mom sent me some cinnamon bears since I was craving them and I couldn't find them in NY!

Lily's mullet is so long when it isn't curly

Why does she like to get herself stuck?

I love when Mason sets up his toys in his bed, so funny!

Yummy carrots and broccoli from the garden!

And my poor sweet neglected dog Ralph!

Friday, July 22, 2011

We got a trampoline!

And Mason and Lily love it!

Thank you grammy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011