Monday, September 29, 2008

RAMily Reunion... aka Erica's wedding!

Last weekend I believe Danny, Mason, Ralph and I went to the Bronx for the wedding of my friend and former teammate, Erica. The wedding was beautiful! The ceremony was at Fordham University and the reception was in Connecticut. It was so much fun to see some of my former teammates! Alot of them traveled from all over the country!

The RAMily outside the Fordham Chapel
Spencer and Kealia Barlow came all the way from Utah
The crew heading into the chapel
Us in our seats... Danny took the picture, can you see my eyes peeking over Brian's head, lol!
Lindsey Loftsted, former teammate and bridesmaid
Erica walking with her dad down the aisle
You may kiss the bride!
Mr. and Mrs James Byrne
The girls meeting Mason
Jamee is really good with kids, I promise! lol
Mason meeting the bride and groom
The wedding party... I played vball with Lindsey on the far left and Mrs. Byrne
Jamee, me and Lia
Lindsay and Brian came all the way from San Fransico!
The all American team!
Lindsay and me
picture taking time!
Lindsey and Nick came all the way from Iowa!
The newlyweds first dance
And the party continued because Spencer and Lia came back to Albany with Danny and I to stay the rest of the weekend!

It was so much fun seeing all my RAMlets! Love you all :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thanks Huish's!

Danny, Mason, Ralph and I stayed with our great friends the Huish's while we were in the Bronx. They live on Arthur Ave, which if you have ever been the BX is a great location right in the center of Little Italy (Bronx) also its close to the Botanical Garden, Bronx Zoo and Fordham University where I went to school and where my friend Erica had her wedding ceremony. It turned out great! And I have to say THANK YOU to them! They are wonderful and watched Mason for us while we went to the ceremony and brought him to campus so my friends could meet him... and did I mention that along with those two beautiful children she is expecting her third in December. Yup they are awesome and we miss them terribly. We love you guys and thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The New York Botanical Garden

This past weekend while we were in the Bronx, we decided to take a stroll through the "gardens" which is right by the Bronx Zoo and Fordham University (where I went to school) anyway... here are some pictures from our little adventure :)

This is Magnolia or "Noli"

Checking out something cool in the rock

Mason only took naps in the stroller this weekend

two cute kids!

Ammon liked to have stoller races... I think Mason liked it too!

Mason loves balls, and has learned how to throw them

Ammon "flying" off the rock

Mason "flying" in the air

Friday, September 19, 2008


my Fordham volleyball team 2004

I am off to the Bronx to see my RAMILY (we were the Fordham Rams) for my friend Erica's wedding! Yay, and I can't wait to see my fellow ramlets :)

ps. Don't be mad if I you live in the BX and we don't see you cause this will be a short trip


I can't believe that my baby is 11 months old! Here are a few things he has done this month:

Can you see the huge bruise/goose bump on his head.... well he falls sometimes which is expected (mostly while crawling) but he likes to fall and hit his head in the same place every time, so it just gets bigger and blacker!

He has discovered the stairs and loves to climb up them. Danny and I are working on going down, but it isn't going so well... hopefully he figures it out soon.

He has started throwing tantrums, goody...

He loves cruising around and he will walk with us only holding 1 hand. Also he has stood all by himself for almost a minute straight a few times.

He is finally learning how to use a sippy cup thanks to the cute girl Tea (say tay-ah) that I babysit.

Mason loves Tea and follows her around when she is over.

He has discovered the toilet and wants to throw things in it and play in the water, YUCK!

I think that Mason is trying to say mama and daddy and banana.

He loves to play outside on the grass, and watch Ralph and our neighbor dog play.

Love you Mason :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

grumpy Mason

This video sums up how Mason has been acting this last week. I seriously don't know what is going on, he is throwing tantrums and being so grumpy. Maybe he is teething (I think that's the universal excuse) anyway he is still cute, it is probably bad that Danny and I sat and laughed at him as he got all his frustrations out, hahaha :)

riding wagon

Danny put Mason in this wagon we got at a garage sale for 50 cents... it is not made for riding but whatever. Mason liked the ride for the most part, until the end.


Mason is trying to be like Ralph :)

monster in the closet

Two nights ago I woke up to Mason screaming, 1:30 am... goody. I usually wait for a few minutes because 9 times out of 10 he will go back to sleep. Well at 1:33 I realized that I should go check on him because the screaming was getting louder and more urgent. I sleep walk to his room I see there is light glowing around the door.... hummm, alien abduction, glowing monster... are some random thoughts in my sleep deprived head. Well it turns out that his closet light had turned on, man oh man I felt so bad!!!!!!!!!
What happened is that sometimes the light in the closet doesn't turn on, it is one of those long florescent lights, and is living the end of its light. Some days it works and others it doesn't. Well what must have happened is that either Danny or I ( I will not take sole blame!) flipped the switch, the light didn't turn on so he forgot to flip the switch again. So I guess after several hours of not working it decided to kick in, at 1:30 in the morning! My poor baby, I would be screaming too if all the sudden a blinding light woke me from slumber. So I fed him, and put him back in bed with a binki, all was well... except I couldn't go back to sleep! Argh I don't know why I have this problem ever since Mason was born, if I have to get up in the middle of the night I get insomnia attacks and can't go back to sleep. Well stupid me decides after 2o mins of not being able to go back to sleep I would go check on him. Yup. I woke him up. Yup, lovely. Danny went in this time, we went to sleep fine after that.

Oh and the next day he threw something in the toilet as it was flushing... I turned aroun for .2 secs! yup. "Ducky go down the hoooleeee" remember that?

Monday, September 15, 2008


This is Mason's first time figuring out how to use the rocking horse...

Friday, September 5, 2008

more from outside

crawling up to the tree
going back to daddy

yay got to him :)

check out the tounge

I LOVE this one... he has yummy chubby knees

he can fly!

up, up and away :)

red apples and red hair

First... what do you think of the title, kinda dumb huh? oh well...
Second, I love my baby! Isn't he adorable!
Yesterday I saw Danny and Mason looking around outside, so I went to take some pictures. Mason crawled up our little hill to the apple tree in our neighbors yard.


Is this one kinda scary? Not sure if I love it, or am scared...

I love his eyes... and the drool!

oh yummy!

Oh and I managed to get like 30 mosquito bites from laying in the grass to take the pictures, and Mason ended up with one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My sister Heather requested some videos... so here you go, below are 5 I believe. I know, I get out of control! He is just so cute... and I realized I have really been slacking in the video department. I have so many more, but I am tired :) So enjoy these for now!


Mason has been cruising for a couple of weeks now... all the sudden one day he started pulling himself up and hasn't stopped since.


playing with yard stick

*NOTE* I realize that in many videos and pictures that my house is a mess, and I would like to say that I do clean.... I promise :)

wave bye bye

anti walking

Mason started walking when we held his hands around 7/8 months... then all the sudden, once he started crawling, that he didn't want to walk anymore and this is the result.

This is about a month old... he is back to walking while we hold his hands.

playing with blue ball

As per the request of my sister Heather here is a video of Mason