Tuesday, March 31, 2009

spring is coming :)

It is finally warming up here in Albany NY! That means playing outside and happy children. Here are some pictures of Mason and miss Tea (say "tay-ah") who I babysit. These two red heads have so much fun together :)

umm mom I want that ball...

hugs (haha, Tea loves to give Mason hugs and kisses)

for some reason Tea really loved this block of wood

Mason's new favorite trick

Tea thought she'd try too

I LOVE this picture of her, look at her pretty green eyes!

Mason being a goober as usual

the chair tastes good, just so you know

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

done at last

After the Joseph Smith home and the Sacred Grove we went to the place where the Book of Mormon was first published and took a tour there. Then we had dinner at a yummy diner, and lastly we headed back to the Hill Cumorah to burn some of Mason's energy before we headed home. And of course more pictures (in better light too, yay!)

my sweet boy

Mason running and running, and brother Brady taking pictures

I LOVE this picture of Danny and Mason, I love my boys

And here is a lovely family picture that Brady took for me :)

Joseph Smith's home and the Sacred Grove

Here are some pictures I took while taking the tour of Joseph Smith's homes and the Sacred Grove, sorry there are alot :)

this is the style of fence the Smiths used on their land
this is the home Joseph and Emma lived after they got married


looks like little stars

walking into the Sacred Grove

I don't know what these are called but they look cool

this is the home Joseph Smith grew up in (reconstructed)

river through the Sacred Grove

a sign of spring :)

Temple grounds

After the massive amounts of fun at Hill Cumorah we stopped at the temple to have a look around.

Mason strutting his stuff

he wants to be just like daddy, and he had to sit on every bench around :)

run run run

I finally let Danny have the camera so he could photograph the whale, haha jk

Mason and mamma

Hill Cumorah

This past weekend my little brother came to visit and we thought we would head over to Palmyra and tour the church sites since he is leaving on his mission soon. Here are some pictures at the Hill Cumorah

starting the hike up the hill

Danny decided to take a short cut

Angel Moroni monument

Mason liked to slide and roll down the hill ( videos coming soon) you can see how steep the hill is!

my little Bro being himself, haha

my sweet baby coming down the hill

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

just for fun

Danny jumping over Mason, one of Mason's and Danny's favorite activities :)

Here he comes


made it!

yay! Mason usually signs for more :)

Is it spring yet?

It is finally warming up around here! Yay, well anything above 40 and sunny gets us outside. Mason loves it and doesn't want to come in... here are some picture from a week or so ago.

I love my boys!

Mason showing me the airplane and saying "vrooom"

Monday, March 16, 2009

26 weeks

Here is baby girl at 26 weeks in my tummy... I know I look like a super model so be jealous, bah! I have only gained about 100 pounds in the last 4 weeks so yay me!

mommys sunglasses

He has his own but prefers mine :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mason and his cars

This is one of Mason's favorite toys... I don't know what to call it but he loves to push his cars, or anything, through the holes and doors. I asked Mason to smile at me and this is what I got... little stinker

cracking himself up!

self portrait

This is what I see when I look down... (about 23 weeks)

and this is an outtake of me trying to take a picture of my belly, haha