Monday, November 29, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving week and the Merrills come to visit

Since Jon, Kristi and Judah were visiting during Thanksgiving we got all the baby stuff for baby Judah to use.  I thought it was funny because Mason and Lily were so excited about the baby seats and weren't sure about sharing.  Lily decided to bring her chair, the bumbo seat, right next to Judah to visit. 

I was soooo sick the entire week they were here, I feel bad because I didn't get to snuggle the baby.  And I didn't take any good pictures, literally just one a day for my 365 project.  Here is Judah next to our Thanksgiving turkey!  We did have a ton of yummy food, enough to feed 20 people I think :)  

Lily like to play with Judah and make sure he had enough toys, then steal them :)

I think it was funny that he slept through all the kids noise, and with his hands in the air

Jon and Kristi came up with the great idea to have the kids decorate some ornaments to help them remember the visit by the Merrill family

Mason thinks uncle Jon is very funny!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preschool, T, trains, tomatoes, tortellini and turkeys

This week for preschool we were doing the letter T, the second day I was going to do a big Thanksgiving theme but I ended up getting really sick, oh well :)  The kids got out the dinosaur train and set it together.  They did a really good job being patient with each other and playing nicely.

For our snack we had tomatoes and tortellini 

Then we got out the tent and tunnel 

They all decided to take a "nap" in the tent and read some books together

Then we made some turkeys by painting the kids fingers, each a different color for feathers, and their palms brown for the turkey body.  Then they made hand prints on paper to make the turkey

They always love painting projects, especially when they get to paint themselves :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

raking leaves

Our friend needed help raking leaves and we gladly volunteered (well I volunteered us because I wanted to take pictures, Danny did 95% of the work!) 

Isn't Danny so nice?

The kids really loved playing in the big piles Danny made for them :)