Friday, February 22, 2008

sitting up ?!?!?

When Danny and I were taking pictures of Mason for his 4 month post we decided to see if he would sit up... a few times he toppled over the one side then the other (he thought it was pretty funny) then all the sudden he was staying all by himself. However, he was leaning really far forward so I don't know if it counts as truly sitting up but it was pretty cute, and he was proud of himself!

Look at me I am so cute!
big smile

umm dad... what are you making me do???

now all the sudden Ralph wants to play with Mason.... hahaha, I think they will be good friends!

4 months (a few days late)

You turned 4 months old on February 19, here are a few things that you did this month:

*You are a happy happy baby, you laugh and smile all the time

*You have discovered your toys, you love to hold and shake them, and of course bring them to your mouth! It is really funny to watch you suck on the ball with all the holes (see video below) and you suck on the beak of your penguin stuffed animal :)

* You have a funny shaped head because you always look to the right when you sleep, so your head is flat on that side. It looks especially lovely with the bald spot in hair that has rubbed off... not to worry though because you are still the cutest baby ever!!!!!!!

* Your red hair is growing in more and more everyday

* You have officially doubled your weight... you are almost 18 lbs and almost 27 inches long!

* When I come to get you in the morning from your crib, most days you have rotated a full 90 degrees from all your wiggling through the night

* You like to stand on mom and dad's lap then sit, then stand... over and over, and you laugh the whole time. You also like it when we lift you over our heads (but it can be dangerous for us with all the drool dripping your mouth)

* Speaking of drool... you do it alot! I mean a lot, with an added bonus of spit bubbles. You also like to chew on your hands, so that adds to the mess

* You will rarely take a pacifier anymore, you prefer to suck on a finger, thumb or fist... it is different every time

* You are so big and your personality is showing more and more everyday... we love you sooooooo much!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Playing with Toys

This last week or so Mason has really gotten into his toys... he will stare at them, grab them and bring them to his mouth. It is funny trying to watch him suck on this ball with all the holes. Oh he is just so cute :)

Tummy Time

Tummy time doesn't happen very much because Mason usually screams the whole time, but surprisingly he was happy long enough to get a good video. He has never lifted his head so high and look around so much on his tummy, how exciting :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

What's that smell?!?

Every morning after Mason has been up for a couple of hours he takes a nap, a short nap usually only 45min to an hour if I am lucky. I like to take this time to also take a short nap, to rid myself of the headache I have most mornings. Well today I was about 2o min into the nap when I woke up and smelled something burning! Yikes so I shot out of bed, looked in the bathroom first where Danny was taking a shower to see if it was the fan, and it wasn't. Danny concerned asks whats up, and I say "something is burning!!!" Danny could smell it too when he got out of the bathroom and I knew something was going on since he lacks my pregnancy/post pregnancy sense of smell, and usually makes fun of me for the things I claim to smell. So we searched downstairs and in the basement and couldn't find the source of the smell! What the heck, so I went back upstairs to see if it might be coming from the humidifier in Mason's room, and while I was up there Danny yells from downstairs that he found it.... dun dun dun.... it was coming from the dishwasher, and it wasn't something burning the we smelled, it was something melting! Thats right people melting plastic! The lid to my favorite water bottle was hanging down by the coil that heats up to dry the dishes. Yup, and as you can see in the picture that it melted through and then the gooey plastic melted back together in the middle so we couldn't just pull it off! So we had to get some tools to cut it off and then scrape off the residue plastic on the coil. Oh what a lovely morning, ahh and the wonderful smell of melting plastic! I had to open all windows in the middle of January to get of the smell.... now that I think about it, it still smells. Lovely!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

ice ice baby!

The other night we had a mix of rain and sleet, then it turned cold so it all froze. Everything had a nice layer of ice over it, then it dusted with a little snow. All the plants and trees look really cool like they are made of glass, these pictures don't do it justice.... ps it has been like this for a couple of days, so you can imagine how cold it has been, yikes!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Boy

I thought that this picture was so super cute of Mason and Danny! Mason is getting so big and is so happy. Oh as a side note, Mason had his 4 month check up today (even though he will not be 4 months old for a couple more weeks) and he weighs 17 lbs 2 oz and is 26 1/2 inches long! wow he is getting big :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Holy "Moley"

It was fun to have Keri & Kristi visit us for several days last week. Keri is very experienced and changing diapers and she graciously shared her experience with us :-) Not to mention she is a fabulous cook! Kristi makes a mean batch of brownies as well. The following video contains the highlights of the visit. Ralph even found a new friend during their visit!