Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mason update

For the last week I have been writing down funny things that Mason does/ says ect... this kid cracks me up every day!

When we go anywhere and he needs to go to the bathroom he always asks, "is it a big potty or a little potty"

If I am not paying attention to Mason or I answer him with grunts and nods, he comes up to me and says, "Mom talk to me!"

He went through an episode where he called Danny and me by our first names.  I tried to let it go at first thinking it was just a phase but I had to finally put my foot down because it was getting out of control, it probably was going on 2 months (even in the middle of the night "APRIIIIIL")  It came down to me flat out ignoring him unless he called me mom.  He figured it out after a couple of days and now we are back to mom, hooray!

He gets hot and cold mixed up

He says things like "I will like blank when I am a little bit older" or "when I was little I liked that" or even sometimes he says "when I am little again I will do that for you.."  funny kid

Never wants to eat at any meal time, but will always ask for snacks

He comes up with weird scenarios like "I don't want any peas in my macaroni and cheese because the movie is on, but if you turn it off I will want peas"

"I wanna help YA"

"Oopsie Davy"

He still has to have his silky and he sucks his tongue when he sleeps or wants to comfort himself

He wants to take the tags of everything, especially his clothes.  So if I ever give you boy clothes with no tags it will be in the 3T-4T sizes :)  

He is such a snuggly boy.  Most nights when I put him in bed he wants "3 more kisses and 1 hug"  "now 2 more hugs and 5 kisses"  "I want  you to snuggle for 3 minutes...  one, two, three!  Yay three minutes!"  Then he will hug me and say I just love you so much mom!  Oh he melts my heart

One night when I was checking on him before I went to bed, I was fixing his blankets and in his sleep he grabbed my neck and pulled me down to him in a hug.  He didn't say anything and he still had his eyes closed but it was so beautiful.  He is such a sweet heart!

Loves to play good guys and bad guys, bad guys have mouths open and teeth (his animals) good guys have mouths closed!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog updates

I want to appoligize once again to anyone following my blog on a reader or google buzz.  I think I have posted 50+ posts this last week to make up for my lack of posting the last half of 2010.  But now important events/ fun times/ and cute pictures have been updated July-December!

I am done back dating now, on to the present!  I promise I won't be so crazy with the posts now :)

April :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sleepy Mason

We have been having issues with Mason and nap time, sometimes bed time too now that he is not in a crib.  He will especially fight naps and instead of stressing myself out I just let him play quietly in his room while Lily is napping next door.  I emphasize quite because he knows mama will be mad if he wakes Lily up.  Well the other day I went up to get Lily and this is what I saw :)  Oh man, he is so so cute.  This isn't the first time he has fell asleep on the floor, but it is a first to be halfway into the hallway!

He was so crashed that he slept through me getting Lily out of her room, Ralph licking his face and opening up all the curtains and blinds in both his and Lily's room (those black out blinds are not quite!)  That plus the light obviously didn't bother him, or the click of my shutter!

I love this little boy... I am sad that he is giving up naps.  It is a hard transition because he needs a nap or he is super crabby, but if he does get a nap it takes him forever to get to sleep at night which is stressful on me.  About a week ago he didn't fall asleep until 10:30!!! (that is my bed time!)  And my kids are in bed by 8:00, I am very strict on this.  He was a walking stubborn zombie!  Hmmm, I wonder where he gets the stubbornness from :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mason and Lily

I think it is funny and interesting how 2 children raised by the same parents can be completely opposite in so many of their actions.  Some of it is to get a rise out of each other (or me for that matter), other things just come naturally.

Mason: shoes and clothes optional, no coat outside (even when it is freezing and snowy!)
Lily: loves to wear any shoes (hers, Mason's, mom's, dad's, visitors etc) and changes them at least 1,617,298,379 times a day, loves to put her coat on and "go" also loves to change cloths constantly

Mason: still insists that I get him dressed and undressed even though he has and is fully capable of doing it himself
Lily: if she wants it on or off, she will find a way!

Mason: very clean eater, doesn't make a mess and rarely spills (even at a young age)
Lily: amazingly messy, how did you get yogurt on the walls/ceiling/floor/chair/hair and bellybutton (underclothes) in the 10 seconds I wasn't looking!?!?!

Mason: fights getting his teeth brushed
Lily: brushes her teeth every time she passes the bathroom with her toothbrush

Mason: doors open
Lily: doors shut
(you can imagine how fun that is...)

Mason: eating optional
Lily: eats everything (or at least tries everything)

Mason: entertains himself, loves to sit and watch a movie, very independent (also from a very young age)
Lily: thinks I am her entertainment, won't leave me alone for more than 5 minutes :)

Mason: loves to snuggle, and will take any chance he can get
Lily: not so much, unless she is tired and/or sad and even then only lasts for 2 minutes

Lily: copies everything Mason does... EVERYTHING.  Sometimes this is good (actions to songs, giving hugs, saying please and thank you) sometimes this is bad (throwing toys, feet on the table, jumping off the bed)
Mason: does not like it when we ask Lily to do something, because he wants to do it.  This often works in our favor like "oh Lily lets go brush your teeth" or "Lily can you help me clean up" Then he will do it also.  It can be bad when it is Lily's turn to do something, like play with a specific toy or add an ingredient while cooking...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lily 18 months old!

I can't believe that my baby is 18 months old!  I feel bad I haven't been as good at the month by month run down with her like I was with Mason but I will try and repent of my ways!
Lily's 18 month stats:
weight 26 lbs, 80th %
height 34 1/4 inches, above 97th %
head 19 inches, 70th %

The face I get when I ask her to smile :)
She is a nursery champ just like her brother at 18 months.  She walked in and never looked back.  Her teachers say she does an awesome job and loves it which is nice!
She is turning into a little parrot.  She will repeat, or try to repeat everything we say!  She will even try and say prayers at meal times and before bed which is super cute.  Unfortunately she just learned how to say no, which she puckers up her lips while saying it and gives you a crusty at the same time.  Alto of times I get a finger pointed at me as well, little stinker!

One of her favorite little games she likes to play is sneak up behind mommy, lift up the back of my shirt and put her ice cold hands on my back... oh and then watch mommy shriek and wiggle away.  Seriously she does this constantly!
She loves to give hugs and kisses, and is turning into a better snuggler than she was before, yay!

She loves to point and poke eyes, nose, mouth, ears and belly buttons while saying the body parts.  She will even point out the body parts on babies and animals.  You better watch out though or you might get poked in the eye!

She is obsessed with her babies that she got from Santa for Christmas.  She also love to dress and undress them, I mean she love me to dress and undress them.  She loves to feed them bottles, give them binkies and push them in the toy strollers.  I have even seen her rocking the baby back and forth to sleep.

She is an extremely messy eater, I guess she gets that from her mama!  Speaking of food she is starting to get more picky, hopefully this stage doesn't last too long!

She is becoming a little "druggy" as Danny would call it.  Because those irritating pointy teeth are coming in and taking forever she has had a lot of Tylenol.  At this point she expects to get some drugs before bed.  I have an empty one that I pretend to give her which works on both her and Mason!

She knows how to push Mason's buttons, enough said!

She is really quick to grab something she is not supposed to and run and hide in a corner.  Also she is good at the hand waving thing so you can't get the said thing out of her hand.

She is a great helper!  She loves to help unload the dishwasher and put away toys while dancing to the clean up song.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

jumping on the bed

 One of Mason and Lily's favorite activities is to jump on mom and dad's bed.  We try to keep the jumping to a minimum, mostly they just roll around, wrestle each other and fall down.

 Do you recognize Mason's awesome undies from yesterday's post, haha!

 Lily's signing please

 Lily playing with her toys on the floor

This is what Lily did when I asked her to smile, oh boy she is learning from her brother fast!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a little accident

Mason has been potty trained since right before he turned 3, but as any mom knows there are sometimes accidents.  I usually prepare for accidents with extra cloths in the diaper bag and or car.  For whatever reasons they get used or taken out and not replaced, but after this day I will try to never forget again!

Danny has to go to meetings on Tuesdays nights, on this particular Tuesday I thought it would be a great idea to have Danny take the kids with him, let them play with some toys and I could go to the gym.  Then I could go pick them up and take them to bed.

When I first got to the church building I saw a few of my friends and we were chatting, when one of them stopped and said "Mason looks top notch in his little outfit Danny found for him, he is rocking Lily's pants"  Oh boy I thought.  I realized I didn't have any spare cloths in the car, and from my friends comment and figured Danny just took of Lily's pants since she was wearing a onesie and put them on Mason... Nope, haha.

Danny being ever so resourceful remembered we had a bunch of clothes in the back of the car that were meant to be donated.  He found a little pair of girlie shorts that he used as underwear, and found a pair of baby girl pants that he squeezed on him as shorts!
When I walked into the meeting to get the kids, Mason yells, "I have pink underwear and girl pants on because I had an accident!"  It was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing.  Especially because every time he bent down to get a toy he had the biggest plumbers bum ever!

We went to the car, I was putting in Lily and Mason usually gets in his car seat himself.  He started complaining, I can't get in my seat... I started to laugh and told him his pants were too tight, he agreed!

When we got home he let me take a few pictures of him in his funny clothes, he thought it was especially weird that I wanted to take a picture of the back of him, but that was the funniest part!  Then after the pictures we headed upstairs to bed but he couldn't walk up the stairs with the tight pants.  Oh my I could hardly stop laughing.  We took them off and I saw they were 0-3 month pants!!!  Too funny, I am glad that he had a fun time with it too.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My messy little helpers

 This is Lily's first time getting to lick the batter!  And just like her brother, had a fun, messy time :)

Mason is such a goofball, he now tries to make funny faces when I take pictures of him and the runs to the camera saying "let me see me mom!"

 Lily discovered that her hands got messy, hehe!

My little helpers also like to make dinner, though most of the time it isn't really that helpful :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


 On new years day our friends invited us over for some sledding on a little run they made at their house.  Fun and suitable for both kids an adults depending on where you start.  
As a side note we have not had success getting Mason to play outside in the snow this year.  I even bought him a new coat and snow pants to my dismay.  Well on this day I literally forced the cloths on him and carried him outside.  He was whiny at first but then he had fun as long as Danny or I were close.  Lily did pretty good but we had to hold her the hold time because she really has a hard time walking in the snow :)
This is Cory flying down the hill

 Look a smile, hooray!

 Mason's friend Roy and his cousin playing with some snowballs at the top of the hill

 Now it is Danny's turn!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 I took Lily down with me one time and she didn't like it, poor thing

 Danny finally grabbed Mason and took him down a really slow hill

And I have proof there was a smile on his face, even though he assured us he didn't like it, punk!