Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Mosaic

Here is a mosaic of all the pictures I took in February for my 365 project:

I chose February to do an ABC theme so I can make a book for Mason. It worked out really well, plus it was nice to have an idea of what I wanted/needed to shoot everyday. I need to retake a few for the book, but it is nice to have a start.

Anyway you can check out my 365 blog to see the pictures from everyday and some alternates :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Thoughts I want to remember:

Danny has been working crazy hours at work trying to get one of him machines working. Thursday night (Friday morning) He didn't come home until almost 4 am! Lily woke up screaming about 3:30 so I went in nursed her and for some reason she was WIDE awake so I was rocking her back to sleep. I was still rocking her when Danny got home. He came to check on the kids like the good dad he is, he saw me sitting in the rocking chair and shrugged his shoulders like "What are you doing?" He finally looked in the crib and realized I was holding Lily so he went to bed. A few minutes later I came back to bed and he told me that he thought I was trying to scare him because he got home so late! Ya Danny I am going to get my rear out of bed go sit in the baby's room, expecting you to come in and BOO scare you. I thought it was so funny, in fact I am laughing so hard right now it is hard to type. Funny what comes to mind when you are so tired!

Speaking of nursing Lily... I love it so much. I love when she is calm and snuggled looking at me for food and comfort. When she 2 months old to about 4 months we had a really hard time. She would scream and scream while nursing and she was about 1 day (1 hour?) away from being weaned. But after a few experiments I realized she had a hard time if I had caffeine or too much chocolate. Then it was all better and nursing has been fantastic since.

Lately when I pick Lily up off the floor she gives me the biggest hug. Full on bear hug, arms around my neck tight, face in my neck. It is so sweet and my heart melts every time. Sometimes followed by a slobbery wide open mouth kiss and if she is really hyper a bite!

Mason is so funny lately. He wants someones undivided attention at all times. He comes over to me, grabs my arm and face and says "mom comes seets (sit) on floor" and then we "play legos, build me a house" or "play with manimals and line them all up!"

"I am so happy mom" is a phrase I hear often and it makes me happy too. He also exclaims that other things are happy. "Ralph is happy mom" "Yilie (Lily) is happy" "This is a happy cup!"

I love my family!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lily 8 months

Lily turned 8 months on the 22nd. Here are some things she has been up to this month:

Lily will get in crawling position and rock back and forth like she wants to go somewhere. Then she will belly out.

Finally rolling from her back to tummy, turning into quite the tumble weed.

Static from the tent... she does have hair :)

She waves her arms up and down when she is happy or excited.

Can spin in circles, using her arms, while she is playing on the ground. Especially effective when she is on the hard wood floor.

When she is sitting she will reach really far for things and that results in her falling on her tummy or side. She is getting the hang of falling softly so she doesn’t cry.

Saying “da da da” a lot. She will repeat after one of us says it.

She pulls herself up onto her knees holding on the edge of her crib

she is trying to roar like a lion too!

New foods: avocado and apricots.

Figured out how to clap her hands together.

I think she signs more when she wants to eat something really yummy.

Shakes her head back and forth like she is saying no. It is pretty funny, she especially does it while she is eating. Her mouth is wide open like she wants you to put food in it.

Lily slept on her stomach a few times during nap time. She took a much longer nap each time, I hope she figures out soon that sleeping on your tummy is wonderful :)

result of reaching for something out of her reach

She got a sinus infection and is still currently on antibiotics.

She has been sleeping through the night more and more (she is going on a week straight!) I think the antibiotics are helping.

She is crazy in the high chair. She will not sit still. Today she turned herself all the way around and pulled herself up to her knees. (and yes it is an unsafe high chair I bought at a garage sale, after her little bust a move I made it safer and strapped her down, even though the high chair doesn't look as cute)

This picture kills me! I love it when she makes that face :)

She still weighs just under 20 lbs. I am not sure her height, I will measure her soon.

She is still my squishy yummy baby! Happy 8 months :)

Mason 28 months

Mason is one month older and wiser (on the 19th) Here are some fun and funny things he has been up too...

Mason is now completely weaned of the binky, and sleeps from 8 - 7:30 on a normal day.

He got a whole bunch of new animals for sleeping at night with out the binky. He loves them so much and drags them around everywhere. He sleeps with them, eats with them. He likes to match up the new big animals with small ones that he already had. The big ones are the mommies and the little are the babies.

He nods and shakes his head instead of saying yes and no

Answers questions just like his dad. Mason do you want milk? “no water” (like I don't want water) Do you want cheerios? “no kix”

He Will laugh at Lily to make her laugh when she is in a crabby mood

If I am looking at the computer or a book or something and he wants my attention he will grab my face to turn it toward him. He won’t let go until I make eye contact and look at whatever he wants to show me.

Before he will pray with us at meal time he will take a bite and then fold his arms.

The movie of the week have been Sleeping Beauty, he calls it “scary dragon” and “yee hah” for Prince Phillip’s horse. Then it was Meet the Robinson with the "funny dinosaur." Currently his favorite movie is Ice Age 3, Dawn of the dinosaurs. (can you sense a theme of dragons and dinosaurs!)

Lately Lily has been saying “da da” Mason will copy her perfectly, but still calls danny “guy” which is supposed to be daddy.

Today at church Mason was sick to I kept him with me and then we left early. On the way home he kept saying, “no wait, go nursery” which is ironic since he always throws a fit when we take him in.

Morning routine: Mason wakes up between 7-8. Danny goes and gets him, they go downstairs and snuggle on the couch while Mason watch pbs and Danny checks the computer. I wait until Lily wakes up, I feed her then we go downstairs and we all eat breakfast together. Mason only likes Danny to get him from bed, and will only eat breakfast when I am there.

He gets stuck into routines. He likes to have cheerios, Kix and Life for breakfast and if he remembers raisins and bananas on top. For lunch he would only eat a bagel with cream cheese (now it is a peanut butter and jelly)

On Valentines Day Danny made us crepes for breakfast. Again Mason gets stuck on routines and doesn't like to try new things. I finally got him to try Nutella which of course he loved, but he wouldn't trying the whip cream, funny kid.

He hates to go into nursery and hates to come out.

A few funny things he has said:
Gave me his toy snake and said “hold please, snake crabby”
“where are you...” (insert) friends house, doctors office, grapes.
When saying doctors office it sounded like off doc!
"Time to get in the truck manimals, time to get out of the truck manimals"
"I don’t want to say no I want to say mmmm hummm" (with a nod)
"A B C D E" ( like he was counting his raisins)
"Don’t talk to me that way mom"
Do you want milk or water “water all gone” or “no water”
"Guy will you help baby go away"
"Mom you sing ONE more song?"
"Read ONE more book?"
"no I do it"
"Mom I help get Ralph's snowballs off" See here.

And my personal favorite:
"Mommy I am too big too….
go to bed
watch tv
play legos
sit by Lily

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ice climbing

On Monday, Presidents Day, Danny had the day off work. He took Mason out of the house so I could take a nap. They went to the park and then to the river by our house to check things out. He came home and said we should go later because 1. it was almost 40 degrees outside, woot! and 2. the water had frozen and pushed HUGE ice blocks onto shore. Here are some, ahem ALOT, of pictures from our adventure!

Mason walking on some ice

This boy loves sticks

Walking on the ice blocks on shore

Isn't he cute!

This is what Lily did the whole time, chilled in the stroller, checking things out!

No snow, crazy NY winter!

Going to find more ice

Isn't the ice amazing!

My boys

Getting sturdy on the ice

Mason thought all the ice was cool and kept trying to pick it up! Finally found a small piece.

Hey mom...

Climbing on the ice

Oh man, he is seriously so cute

Doesn't this look like he is flying?

Oh big stick!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

more outside fun

Here are some more pictures from playing outside in our random January warm weather :)

Man I love this girl!

She looks so cute when she is trying to grab things in her little snow suit!

Ralph is also happy it is warm

I tired to put this all on one picture in photoshop but I was having a hard time so you will have to scroll down. Mason loves to run run run... and we have a nice little hill to accommodate.

Lily was done

Seriously mom stop taking pictures

Not even Mason can make me happy!

walk time

These pictures are about a month old. There really hasn't been any snow since then, just cold. We had about a week of random nice weather so I thought we could use some fresh air. Mason did a great job walking by himself, he listened the whole time (which is a necessity because there are no sidewalks, argh!)
The best part was that he would find car tracks in the snow on the side of the road and would say "oh train tracks" and would have to walk right on them. So cute!

Hills are fun

And snow is yummy

Lily just sat in the stroller soaking in the new sites. She is so funny and laid back. She didn't even cry when the hat would cover her eyes, haha.