Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A few questions...

I have some questions to you experienced mommies or inexperienced or opinionated people out there.

How old do you think a child needs to be to start getting time outs? And how do you handle them? We are having issues with hitting and throwing large metal objects across the room.

How did you deal with sharing issues? Now I know alot of you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking oh dear April your fun is just beginning... and I get that and I know it is normal for his age. I am just curious what you might do, or if there is some secret I am missing out on.

I want to start making bread (I know, so domestic of me!) and I want to get a mixer, any suggestions? I am leaning toward a Kitchen aid stand mixer.

Do you use coupons? Where do you get/find them? I have been reading food storage blogs and they say buy when its on sale with coupons, so its cheap... well where are you getting them coupons?

Okay that is all, I would love to hear answers to any questions if you are willing :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here are some random things that Mason does lately... he is quite the character. Oh and he is 16 months old today :)

Every morning when we come downstairs for breakfast Mason and I have to put up Ralph's dog food (so Mason doesn't play in it) and then open the blinds. Every morning!

In the family room we put Mason's toys against the wall to store them. There is a rug in front of them where he plays. Lately he has to move all the toys away from the wall so he can run up and down the strip of hardwood floor between the wall and the rug.

Mason wants to be a vegetarian, sort of. He doesn't like any meat unless its chicken nuggets. He does love beans and his favorite is frozen peas. (I am pretty sure it is because they are round like "balls")

He pretty much only plays with his cars and balls.

Mason uses alot of sign language to communicate with us. Lately he will "say" thank you, but it is a little backwards. When he puts his toys away in their buckets I would tell him and sign thank you so he would learn... but every time I say thank you he does the sign. Now when he puts away toys in the buckets, even if I am not around he will sign thank you, haha.

He likes to hand feed Ralph his food... one kibble at a time.

Mason doesn't like to have dirty hands. If he gets random crumbs on them while eating or while he is playing he freaks out and wants me to wipe them. It was especially funny when we tried to give Mason a bubble bath for the first time... he HATED it because the bubble kept sticking to his hands.

He loves to shut doors, bathrooms, closets, cabinets etc.

Mason only likes apples slices with the peel, but when he eats it he spits it out.

He wants to sit on the couch and chair like a big kid, and gets jealous when other kids can get up and down at ease.

If his nose is runny he comes up to me to wipe it, which is good. Just like his hands he doesn't like to have a runny nose.

He thinks the frozen turkey and chicken in my freezer are balls, and at the grocery store he yells "ball" as we go by them.

He also thinks clemintines and oranges in the fridge are balls and will get in there, take them out and throw them around.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

22 weeks

Ok so here I am... 22 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I am way bigger than I was with Mason but that is ok, my pants still fit :) and I haven't gained very much weight considering how big I look and feel! haha... please don't mind how tired I look and the weird lighting :) I just wanted to take a picture soon to show my sis in law and cousin in law how much bigger I am (we are all due with in weeks of eachother)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

melt snow melt!

The past few days it has been relatively warm here in Albany, NY (in the 40's WOOT) so Danny and I took Mason outside to "play." His favorite thing to do was stomp on the ice in the driveway to help it melt and of course grab the bigger pieces and throw them :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vroom Vroom

Mason's favorite toys are cars (second is balls) he loves to push them across the floor and he says "vroom vroom" the whole time. Also I have to turn his high chair toward the window because the kitchen faces the street and he loves to see the "vroom vrooms" as they go by. He also loves to ride in the car so he can see all the other cars and trucks :) I think he is all boy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Apparently Mason didn't get the memo that the 49ers were not in the Superbowl. He still looked cute though, and a special thanks to Miss Skeed for the outfit!