Monday, April 27, 2009

white suit

Here are some pictures of Mason and his cousin playing outside before Jon and Kristi's wedding reception. They looked so cute all dressed up. We tried to get pictures of them together.... haha it didn't work so well. I love Mason in his white suit, and yes I know the tie is supposed to go on the inside of the vest... :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Reception

Here are some pictures from the reception

my mama made Kristi's dress, it fit her like a glove!
pretty girl, and little red head in the background

Julie and Brandi, Julie is holding Brandi's baby Tyler

The Hawkins family (Danny's sister's family)

cutting the cake, yum yum

Mason had his hands in his pockets most of the night, so cute!

Here is the improvised bustle for Jon and Kristi's dance, they used grandpas belt to keep the dress up, haha!

pretty Kristi

Jon and Kristi's dance... they took dancing lessons, it was the cutest thing ever!


note the creepy blue head in the background... he was the DJ

kick, haha

doesn't grandpa bill look so excited to be here, haha

this is Mason's cousin Tyler, I wish I could have brought him home with me!!! he was so great and watched Mason pretty much the whole time :)

hanging out with daddy, watching the kids dance :)

Kristi's wedding at the Temple

Danny's baby sister got married on April 11, over Easter weekend. So we got fly to Seattle and spend the weekend with family. Here are some pictures from the Temple.

this is obviously not at the Temple, but right before while she is getting her hair and makeup done.

Mr and Mrs Merrill coming out of the Seattle Temple

Jon and Kristi with their parents

Danny's brother Darin, his wife Heather and my niece Taygen

guess who Mason wants?

it was pretty windy and chilly

for some reason Mason really really wanted to touch the leaves in the trees

I thought this one was funny of Grandma Newman, haha, it had just started to rain

Kristi with her brothers

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

quarter of a century

Sunday I turned 25! All I wanted for my birthday was for Danny to make me dinner :) And he did a FANTASTIC job. We had steaks and vegetable shish kabobs (spelling!) salad and yummy triple chocolate cupcakes. It was a beautiful day, and it was fun to spend time together as a family.

pretty flowers were given to me from my good friend Ashley, thanks!

Mason LOVED blowing out the candles (funny because he didn't care on lick on his bday) we had to keep lighting the candle over and over so he could blow them out, haha

Thanks for the wonderful birthday hubby, xoxoxo!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

a conversation in primary

I teach the 5 year old primary class at church. This is a conversation we had today near the end of our lesson:

C: Is it hard to move with that baby in your tummy?

me: yes, it is getting harder as the baby gets bigger and bigger.

C: Well I bet you are having a boy...

me: actually I am having a girl, there is a way they can take pictures of the baby while she is in my tummy so they can find out.

C: How can they tell if it is a boy or girl?

me: ummmm

E: they look at their bum

O: actually they see if the baby has lots of hair, then its a girl, if it has little hair it is a boy.

O: sometimes the doctor has to take a knife and cute the baby out

me: well not always, hopefully not with me

C: well sometimes they have to shock you to get that baby out!


I love 5 year olds...

P.S. I promise I do try and teach my lesson, they just get a little distracted

Oh and the boy C prayed "for the teachers baby that she would come out alright" isn't that sweet!

Friday, April 10, 2009

video time again

This is what Mason does to earn his keep :)

Preface to this video. When ever my dog Ralph eats his food he brings a mouth full of food to the rug in the living room. Mason caught on to this and thought he would help him...

Hill Cumorah video

Here is the video of all the fun we had on the Hill Cumorah. Please excuse my really ugly laughing and commentary :)