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Easter 2011

We had a lot of fun this Easter weekend.  On Saturday our neighborhood puts on an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids.  It was raining, cold and windy but I didn't want them to miss it!  Last year we were 5 minutes late and Mason only got 1 egg, boo.  Because of the weather there were hardly any kids so it was nice and they each got a lot of eggs!  Mason was being really shy at first, but Lily jumped right in on the action.  Mason finally liked it after all the eggs were gone, weird kid.  Oh and we woke Lily up from her nap, thus the crazy hair do going on!

On Sunday morning the kids woke up to Easter baskets filled with some toys, a movie and some jammies.  The Easter Bunny also left them a nice outfit to wear to church that day.  Then the kids went around the room and found the eggs the Easter Bunny hid for them.  EB put fishy crackers and teddy grahams in the eggs which I am grateful because that is all they ate for breakfast and lunch (could you imagine if it was candy!)  We tried to have a reminder about the real significance of Easter, we have been reviewing it for the last couple of weeks, but the kids slept in and we have to leave at 8:40 to get to church by 9:00.  Really it was kind of annoying because they have been waking up at 6:30 or 7:00 every morning and the one day we are glad to have them wake up they sleep in.  Crazy kids! 

Yes, my kids mostly run around in their underware/diaper during the day, can't keep clothes on them!

After church and after their nap we went over to our friends house, the Yeagers, for a lovely Easter Dinner.  The kids had fun playing we had fun talking to adults!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well! 

Lily's hair turns curly

It seems the humid weather is turning Lily's hair curly :)  Yay

Visting Uncle Jon, Aunt Kristi and Baby Judah

Over general conference weekend we decided to drive down to Washington DC to see Jon, Kristi and Judah.  Good thing we did too because we found out they are moving back to Seattle for the summer.  Our intention was to go see the cherry blossoms, as it was the cherry blossom festival but the weather didn't really cooperate with us... oh well.  We had a lot of fun visiting museums and of course playing with baby Judah, or baby "Ju Ju" as Lily called him most of the trip!  I was going to break up the pictures into different posts but I am too lazy so here is everything :)

At the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History:

The Dinosaurs were Mason's favorite... this is "Rudy"  (from Ice Age 3)

The next Day we went to the National Air and Space Museum:

The museums were alot of fun except there were SO MANY PEOPLE.  I thought I was going to have a panic attack.  I don't like crowds and being hot.  It was worth it though because Mason and Lily both had a great time!

After we went outside when it finally stopped raining, here is Kristi buying a hotdog, Judah is asleep in the sling under her sweatshirt.  Mason and Lily both got a popcicle (I had to bribe Mason to use the bathroom with a popcicle!)

Showing me that he ate the eyes off his sponge bob popcicle!

They are so cute when they play nice together!

The next day we went to the zoo.  Again it was super crowded but at least we were in fresh air outside!  There was a cute baby gorilla that was super cute!

We didn't see the cherry blossoms but we did get to see alot of magnolia trees!

Haha, I just thought this was funny :)

After the zoo we stopped by a little garden to get some family pictures of the Merrill family.  Lily is of course a great test subject, and a great stick locator!

It was ironic that Mason and Lily don't like me to take their picture, but when I am taking pictures of other people they all the sudden want all of the attention.  "Take a picture of me mom, look I am doing this take a picture, I want to see mom...."

Here is one from the session with my sweet nephew Judah!

Look at this BIIIIG stick mom!

Danny with his smallest nephew

And some attempts to get the cousins together!  Haha, Judah I am sorry :)  Lily is of course obsessed with babies and loved to hug and play with Judah all weekend.  He mostly liked it...

Oh and for anyone who wants to see I put up some pictures of their family session on my new photography blog and my photography facebook page.