Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Albany Museum

There is a free Museum in Albany so we took the kids and met Danny's coworker and his family to explore. Mason and Roy had a wonderful time running around like crazy kids and checking out all the animals and dinosaurs.

Listening to the rock lady give her little speech. I missed it, but right before this he had his hands over his eyes. He does this whenever he is nervous or shy.

The "Moooose"

Easily entertained

Putting together the elephant puzzle

I can't remember what this skeleton is but the kids sure loved it!

I love Roy's reflection in the window

Giant dragon fly

Mason and Roy wrestling

and running

Isn't he so cute!!!

There was a free carousal...

Mason wasn't too sure about it

He got a little better

He is pretty mad in this picture, haha

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lily 7 months

My baby girl turned 7 months old yesterday. Here are some pictures and fun things she has done this past month.

Snorts sometimes when she is tickled.

She loves Danny’s computer and got mad when he took her away!

She loves loves loves, Mason! She laughs so hard as Mason spins her while she is in the exersaucer.

Laughs hysterically when Mason and Ralph were playing on my bed and Danny was making Ralph run around like crazy.

Sometimes when she is crabby, we can distract her by putting on the ground and setting a toy just out of reach. She LOVES to grab for things!
Foods she has had this month: applesauce, banana, sweet potato, carrots and peas. She loved all the new food she tired except the peas. She liked the store bought baby peas, but not my homemade peas!

Had her first sip of water from her new sippy cup. (Mason did not like that he couldn’t have her new cup, haha)

Grabbed Mason’s Woody doll around the neck and started growling, lol!

New things she has said, “rar rar rar,” "bah bah"

Whenever we go anywhere and she is in her stroller, she just hangs out like a good little girl. We went to a museum in Albany and she just stared the whole time and didn't make a peep. And when we go for walks she likes to look around, and doesn't even cry when the hat falls over her eyes.

Started blowing spit bubbles again… and likes to do it while eating solid food, messy messy.

Tried to swallow a sticker, and it stuck to the roof of her mouth.

She is able to get the binky back in her by herself. (Not when she is in her bed unfortunately).

Loves banging a big spoon on the floor, or her high chair. She thinks she is pretty funny.

Love you baby girl!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mason 27 months

Mason is 27 months! I know this is a random number to celebrate but I thought I would take the opportunity to share some recent pictures of him and some of the funny things he has said/done this year (since it was one of my goals!)

After catching glimses of "A Christmas Story" he now calls our dog Ralph, Ralphy.

Mason what would you like for lunch? “a bagel” I don’t have any bagels do you want mac and cheese? “No! mac and cheese all gone, want bagel!”

He came and gave me a hug on my leg and said I love you randomly. First time for him to say I love you.

He kept making sure Lily had her toys at breakfast while she was sitting in her high chair.
As we were driving to the church building he kept asking me to crash into the cars… such a boy

While at Lily’s doctors appointment Lily was crying, and Mason came up to her face rubbed it softly and said "no cry baby"

His favorite song is I am a child of God and loves to sing it before naps and bedtime. Today he sang it with me and knows most of the words.

Mason what do you want for lunch? “A bay-ie (bagel)” Oh really? “With cream cheese” OK “Oh tanks mom, tanks, tanks tanks!” (Thanks)

While lining up cars I was purposely facing them backwards. Mason would come up turn them around and say “oh sorry mom, like dis”

Guess/ gump = jump

Milk sounds like “biks” or something like that… pretty much nothing like milk. Jump is sounding more like “cump” and of course daddy still sounds like “guy”

“I want a num num yours” (yogurt)

While making dinner he came to help and ate a whole bunch of a raw onion, and kept saying "mmmm" and then making a funny face!

Sang to the book “5 little ducks”

As I put on my church clothes he says “mom you pretty” awe he is so sweet. He went on to say that he was pretty also.

Sometimes when I go check on Mason at night he jibber jabbers to me in his sleep

He has another molar coming in (bottom right the other on is the upper left… he already has the bottom left)

Mason takes forever to eat breakfast. This happens almost every morning… he doesn’t want to eat so we ask if he wants a yogurt or applesauce. Then after he will eat some cereal, he likes to have Cheerios, Kix and sometimes Life all mixed together (like his dad). He will eat about half the bowl and then want more. He does this at least 2,3, sometimes 4 times! Then he will drink all the milk and put his bowl and spoon in the sink.

We were watching a movie and it froze, I tried to fix it but it was having a hard time and I had to start it over. I told Mason I was having trouble fixing it and he said “it ok, guy (daddy) fix it when he come home”

While we were walking to the store in the parking lot I told him he needed to hold my hand… he said “it ok, I hold my hand” and he proceeded to hold his hands together, haha.

Whenever his food is too hot to eat he wants us to put it outside in the garage where it is cold “too hot, go outsides” So I put it outside and shut the door and come back into the kitchen and he says “all done” after it has only been 10 seconds.

I tell him he is a big boy now, and he says “ no I baby”. And then he walks around “no more binks”

“mom this a stegosaurus” where did you learn that “dinosaur train”

He is so funny and makes my life a joy! Love you Mason :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bye bye binky!

Yesterday Mason was fighting his nap big time. Not an unusual thing since he has been teething again (1 second molar down, 2 coming now, 1 to go!) I was trying to keep him quiet because Lily was taking a nap and I didn't want him to wake her. Anyway he was refusing to take his binky (which is usually my bribe and source of quiet) So I told him ok, then I am going to throw them away. "OK mom!"


I kinda freaked out a little, said ok I am going to throw them away, and sat outside his room so he would fall asleep quietly, WITHOUT a binky.

So he took a nap, shorter than usual (which I was not particularly happy about since he didn't really take a nap on Sunday because we have 1 o'clock church)

Anyway... I was debating on what to do that night, should I let him have it so we could sleep or keep up with the whole bye bye binky? I was originally planning on weaning him after his molars came in...

Well I thought since he said it was ok, and seemed to be fine with it that we stuck to the "mommy threw them in the garbage" (I still haven't thrown them away yet) And that if he slept with out a binky, we would go and buy a new toy in the morning.

Well it took him an hour to fall asleep, mostly he was playing and staling but with a few stuffed animals he fell asleep!


I was sad though, my little boy is officially growing up, and I can't stop him. I don't even have control on when he gives up his binky.

He woke up at 1:30 calling for his binky, I was sad. I wanted to give in. I woke up Danny to ask him what to do... I went to check on him and all he wanted was another stuffed animal and a reminder that he would get a toy.

Success again!

He then woke up at 5:30. I went in a laid on the floor next to him to see if he would fall back to sleep. He didn't, but I made him stay there and be quiet for an hour and then I got Danny to take him downstairs so I could sleep until Lily woke up.

I knew he wouldn't sleep in with out the binky, that is ok. I hope after a few weeks he will figure it out again (also should be better when his teeth come in)

He got his toy this morning. And seems to have no problem that his precious binkys are gone. I kept telling him he is a big boy now and his response is "no, I baby" haha. I also remind him why he got the toy and that I "threw away the binkys" and then he recites, with a smile on his face, "bink all gone"

Yes, yes it is!

Monday, January 11, 2010

some pictures

Here are some pictures I have taken in the last week or so that I didn't put on on my 365 blog. I love these because they give you an idea of what our days are like :)

Lily loves Mason so much and wants to be near him always. Can you see the grip she has on his hair?

My sweet boy :)

Mason's two favorite things, his binky and silky. I love this picture because this is what we see every time we get him out of his crib. He loves to run silky through his hands. And yes don't judge me that he still uses a binky (for nap and bed)

Lily eating her cereal. She has also had bananas and applesauce. She loves it all. Totally different than Mason who would not eat anything until he was about 8 months.

I love this picture because her eyes look so blue after she has been crying. I didn't photoshop her eyes at all.

This is her happy wave she does with both her hands. She mostly does it when Mason is around.

Mommy I am ready to eat.

Our friends came over to visit and have lunch, here is Kaylie eating a bagel.

Daniel and Mason playing dinosaurs.

Here they are making "funny faces"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

babies and such

I love photography, in an effort to learn more and see beautiful things I subscribe to many photography blogs. One of the blogs I love to read is called pics and kicks. Natalie Norton is a beautiful photographer and also a writer for DPS (digital photography school) another place I love to visit and learn new things.

Her baby is sick. VERY sick. I never do this... I read sad things on the internet all the time, but for some reason this story really touches me. Maybe it is because we are of the same faith, or the fact that I have a baby of my own. Please visit her blog, read about her 8 week old baby, and say a prayer for her, her son and her family.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Day

I am late posting about Christmas Day! Oh and it is in reverse, I usually am pretty good at uploading pictures backwards so they will be in the correct order... oops I must be sleep deprived, my little princess has been a little grumpy lately= lack of sleep! Anyway here are some highlights of the day, in reverse!

We opened presents last because frankly Mason didn't care he just wanted to play with the toys Santa brought him. He did have fun as long as we opened presents in shifts... he would want to play with his toy for a bit before opening another present. And we pretty much didn't get any pictures of opening presents only video which I will try and post shortly!

Before we opened presents we had breakfast. The traditional egg "Mac" muffins and OJ.

Here is Lily enjoy the toys Santa brought her...

Here is the awesome train table Santa brought Mason and Lily, well Mason only plays with it now but I am sure Lily will be climbing up there soon enough! Mason was so excited, for 2 or 3 day it was a nightmare to get him to take naps or sleep at night because "no I play trainnnn!" So much fun!

Here are the gifts mentioned above, sitting snugly under the tree. It was nice to take Christmas in shifts since Mason didn't care. I am sure it won't be the same next year. Oh and all these presents are from our families in Utah and Seattle! Love them and thank you!

Our Christmas tree!

And finally a picture of what Santa brought the kids!

It was a wonderful Christmas and fun to spend together as a family. We sure missed our families across the country but it was nice not to travel during the holidays with little kids.

Oh and I forgot later after nap time our friends the Yeager's came over to eat an YUMMY dinner and play games. It was a wonderful end to an awesome day!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

What a year it has been for the Newman family. A year ago today Mason could barely walk, talk and had an awesome mullet! He has grown so much, celebrated his second birthday and welcomed a new baby sister to the world. Lily has celebrate .5 years of life and loving every minute.

I tend not to have new years resolutions but I thought I would try it out this year and see how I do. Putting it up on the internet for people to see will hopefully keep me motivated :)

1. I started a new blog! I am trying to become a better photographer and challenged myself to take a picture everyday. This is going to be tough, I barley got the first picture posted before midnight! Oh well I am excited that I can challenge myself and hopefully become a better photographer.

2. I am going to write down something that Mason and Lily do/say each day to remember the cute things they do.

3. Finish the Book of Mormon as a family. Our bishop from our church challenged all families in our ward to participate. The goal is to finish before the April General Conference. We are a little behind... but we will keep trying and definitely finish this year!

4. Lastly, to get the car payed off, should be by April (2 1/2 years early!) and get a good chunk of Danny's student loans payed off! Thank you Dave Ramsey and debt snowball.

Go check out my new blog and don't let me slack off on my(our) goals!