Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mommy and me

One nice thing about getting the iPhone is that I am in more pictures with my kids :)

Oh ya, they may not be pretty but at least my kids will have some pictures of me :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

bath time fun

The only bummer about the iPhone is that I can't control the white balance, haha!  But they are still cute, I mean seriously I am loving the googles in the bath tub!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh Mason

We got some clothes for our little nephew Judah.  Well Mason really really wanted to wear them.  Here he is stuffed into a little 12 month romper, haha.... so funny :)  

Monday, March 28, 2011

bye bye crib

I forgot to add that I blame this happening on Day light savings!  Lily did this 2 days after the time changed, so she wasn't adjusted or tired for bed  = lets see what mischief I can cause today :)

It has been a little over a week, maybe two?  I can't remember.  That my sweet baby girl learned how to crawl out of her crib.  Only 20 months old.  I am still in sticker shock if you can't tell.  Mason never crawled out of his crib, we had to force him = taking the rail off so he could get out to go potty.  He was over 3 years old and even though he could get out he never did, he still treated it like a bed and made us get him in and out!

Then there is my sweet little Lily.  It was a Tuesday night so Danny was at church for a meeting so I put the kids to bed myself.  They always play in their rooms (separate rooms) and Lily is getting older so she would play around in her crib a bit before bed.  I heard them interacting and thought maybe Mason went to visit her.  He has done it before but got in trouble and hasn't done it since.  Well I walked up the stairs and like a deer in head lights I was shocked to see my baby girl standing in the hall, smiling and laughing.  I think my heart may have stopped from the shock. 

I put her back in bed, told her to go to sleep and she said "uh huh" (ya right) and she crawled out at least 20 more times in an hour.  I finally started shutting the door so at least she would fall asleep somewhere in the room.  But in the same night she simultaneously learned how to crawl out of her bed AND open doors knobs, what!?!  She would even trick me by being super quite, I would think she was finally sleeping only to see her quietly smiling at me at the bottom of the stairs. At one point I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, especially when she would climb out of bed, open her door and scream NOOOO at the top of her lungs out the door.  Oh goodness I am in trouble!

Danny finally got home as I was texting him our perdicament:
A: Lily was walking around upstairs after I put her in bed
D: What?????
A: Umm ya I watched her climb out of the crib myself
D: Uh oh!

I made him have a turn at putting her back in bed, annoyingly and thankfully she went to sleep when he did it at around 9:15.  Not too late considering the circumstances :)  Though she did crawl out of her bed to come visit me at 3:30 in the morning and that is when I decided we had to get her in a toddler bed or get a crib tent so she didn't get hurt.  We decided to take the rail off and make it a toddler bed and my friend gave us one of those door knob safety locks so she can't open the door herself and escape!

She got really mad the first night when she figured out that she couldn't get out.  I let her cry for a minute to wear her, then went in to snuggle her and she went right to sleep.  Ever since then things have been going ok except for one day she didn't take a nap.  The funniest thing is that she hardly falls asleep in her bed.  One time she had turned the lights on (the chair she used is now out of her room) so the lights were on and she fell asleep on the floor on a book.  She woke up crying and confused, haha.  My favorite is that the last few days she is falling asleep right in front of her door, so I have to push her out of the way with the door to get in!  Silly girl!

Sometimes she sticks her fingers underneath the door.  I tried to take a picture of her but she went back in her bed to sleep.  Mason took it upon himself to model for me (he saw me in the hall lying on the floor waiting for Lily's fingers) so he got up shut his door and said here mom you can take a picture of my fingers!

One more funny story, we have a baby picture of Mason when he was first born and in the hospital.  We use it as a book mark in our scriptures.  Lily has taken it as a challenge to always get this book mark, 1. because she is very determined like that and 2. she loves babies!  One night I wouldn't let her hold it, I put the book mark on the page and the scriptures on the book shelf.  Later that night after the kids were a sleep and we were going to bed ourselves we saw a nice little present from Lily, I can here her saying, "you can't stop me mom if I want it!"

Oh my goodness, she cracks me up!  I am glad to report she has been sleeping well which I am grateful for.  It is so hard for me to adjust to change, mostly realizing that my baby girl is growing up!

And a quote from a friend on facebook after this insident:
"Your life will never be the same!"
No it won't, but I am  happy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

another giveaway!

I love winning things so please forgive me for yet another giveaway announcement.  You can enter too, just visit Kate's blog and leave her a little note to win a beautiful poster print of hers :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Outside puddle fun!

We love to go outside and play on warmer days!  Oh and splash in puddles :)

Curtsey of my iPhone

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mason in his boots

Umm so ya, my kids don't like to wear clothes.... One day I really needed to take someone home that was at our house and Mason refused to wear any clothes.  It was one of those days where I didn't want to put up with the fight when we were only going to be gone for 5 minutes.  He did put on his boots though, isn't that nice!  Taken with my iPhone!

Note, there is still snow on the ground, these are taken in March, ummm ya not too warm outside, crazy kid

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog header

A wonderfully talented new friend of mine is giving away a free blog header.  She is a beautiful artist, check out her blog to see the giveaway and see some of the beautiful headers she has made, and of course check out her lovely art!

Preschool S, spinach strawberry smoothies and sledding in the snow

This week in preschool I had the letter S.  S is such an awesome letter because there are so many possibilities.  We made strawberry spinach smoothies and played outside in the snow!

I loved how the kids covered up their ears when the blender was going!

Then we went outside and played on a beautiful day.  Is was after the ice storm, but luckily it snow about 5 inches on top the ice so there was some fluff to play in.

Mason and Clara had an especially good time launching themselves down the hill :)

Michael decided to join in the fun!

They were so cute!  A little while later Rachel brought Johnny over and a sled (ours was iced to the deck) I have some more videos and iPhone that I need to get off!