Monday, February 28, 2011

under the table, again :)

Again, one of the kids favorite places to play!

I love when Lily mimics Mason :)

And I LOVE their feet :)

Don't mind the crummy floor :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ashley's wedding

A couple of weekends ago we went down to Brooklyn to attend my friend Ashley's wedding.  We went to Fordham University together and played on the volleyball team.  Ashley is beautiful, hilarious and an awesome dancer :)  It was SO great to see her and some other friends that I haven't seen since I graduated!

Miss Jamee, I love her (and I am pretty sure Mason had a crush on her by the end of the night!)

Monai and her brother Leif.  Monai, aka homeslice, and I were roommates Sophomore year of college

It was really really REALLY loud, thanks Jamee for saving Lily's ears

Like really loud!

Awe, I do exist :)

Lily spent half the night untying these ribbons on the chairs, naughty naughty

Go rams!

Lily LOVED the dance floor and dancing.  In fact she would not stay away from it, not even for dessert.  It was fine most of the time unless there was a lot of people on the dance floor, then she would get stepped on. 

This little girl had dance moves so much better than me, I wish I could be here when I grow up!

You will notice the crazy lights going around all night!  I didn't photoshop these at all :)

Mason and Lily running around a column aka, dancing.  Lily has got some moves, Mason not so much :)  He is sorta crazy sporadic break dancing Elaine (from Seinfeld)  moves going on

Mason had a little accident, thus the jamies :)

That night we stayed at my friend Erica's apartment in Brooklyn.  Luckily the kids slept well and had a lot of fun playing with her the next morning.  I didn't take any pictures really, boo! 

The kids loved her!  Hopefully she will want us to come back since they "rearranged" alot of things, haha

The wedding was on Saturday so after spending the night at Erica's we went to the Bronx to attend our old ward (church building) on Sunday to see all our friends.  It was lovely to see all the old and new faces.  I loved living in the Bronx, and miss it all the time.  But it did make me appreciate my quiet home because oh my goodness I was so tired after this trip!

Thanks to all of our friends who helped the fun happen for us, thanks Ashley for getting married!  xoxo

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mason's rug

Mason has a cute road rug in his room.  Lately he has quietly been playing before naps and bedtime and every time I go and check on him his cars are in a different formation all over the road.  It is so cute to see the creations he comes up with before he goes to bed.  My favorite is last week he had is socks all lined up on the roads, silly kid!

I noticed the cars lined up the night before but decided to wait until the next morning to take a picture.  Lily followed me up to check things out herself!

She LOVES to play in Mason's room especially when he isn't there to get mad at her :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Preschool U and V

Last week at preschool we did letters U and V.  Unfortunately I didn't get take any pictures on our V day, but I did get a bunch from U!  I had the kids bring an umbrella from home to share with everyone...

Kaylie didn't really want to play with the umbrella

It turned out to be a little chaotic with the umbrellas...

And it was a little tricky getting a picture with all of them and the umbrellas...

But I got one super quick!

Then it turned to this!  Oh boys...

We also did a bunch of experiments like dropping a balloon vs a ball.  Find out what things are magnetic.  Putting sugar in water and their favorite, finding out what things float!

Lily's wow face as she watches some food coloring in the water!

The next day for V we had a valentines day party.  Each child brought a valentines for everyone else.  We played musical hugs (when the music stops find someone and give them a hug) Valentines Bingo which was a hit with all the kids.  They didn't want to stop after someone got Bingo, and everyone got excited every.single.time they realized they had one of the pictures I pulled out.  "I have a heart, I have a dog, I have a..."  yes yes I know everyone has all of them :)  Then we had a snack of vegetables and finished by making valentines bags and having everyone pass out their valentines to each other!