Friday, June 27, 2008

This is the score that I, April, got on the speed test... not super great but hey :)

65 words


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Lets put those fingers to the test! Give it whirl and see what you get.

73 words

Speed test

Monday, June 16, 2008

8 months

Mason is going to be 8 months old tomorrow... and since I am flying to Utah tomorrow I thought I would post this today :)

(Mason trying to grab the camera)

*Mason will eat solid foods finally... he likes rice cereal (only mixed with breast milk) banana's are his favorite, sweet potatoes, puffs(little cereal pieces). He kinda likes sweet peas, carrots, pears and peaches. He also tried avocado but he didn't like that one bit.

*He got his other bottom tooth, and is currently cutting a tooth on the top (randomly not one of the middle ones) and the middle top 2 are super swollen and ready to break through.
*He started signing! yay so exciting, his first sign was milk... and he does more sometimes. He uses the milk sign when he wants me at anytime, not just for milk. I am sure he will get the distinction soon, but it makes sense since I am the source of milk.

*He can officially roll from his back to his tummy, and is now able to roll around the floor to get toys he wants.

*Speaking of toys he is obsessed with Ralph's toys for some reason.
*He can scoot around on his bum to get his toys... it is a slow process, but he can get around that way.He also will scoot backwards when he is lying on his back, by pushing his feet on the ground... and sometimes when he is on his tummy he goes backwards when he pushes with his arms (I think he is trying to go forward, kinda like a backwards army crawl).
*He is a big talker, and very loud... plus some giggles. His toys are greatly entertaining.

*He started to say mama... I hope it is spoken to me, not sure yet if it is just babble. He also says baba.

*Mason can will walk if you hold his hands while standing up, he really likes doing this and gets excited and starts jumping around.

*We went to the Bronx for a weekend and it was a little traumatic for him not being in his own bed... so after Danny and I couldn't get Mason to sleep, he ended up in bed with us, argh... hopefully it won't happen again (yikes I am nervous about going to Utah and Seattle tomorrow, oh well)
Wow, Mason has changed a lot this month, I felt that everyday he was doing something new. It is amazing how fast he learns, yay can't wait to see what he will do next month :)

Happy Father's Day Danny

Yesterday was Danny's first Father's Day :) We didn't get a really good chance to celebrate because we were in the Bronx visiting some friends... so I thought I would blog why Danny is such a wonderful dad :)

He is very helpful and sweet to Mason, from the very beginning

He is a good snuggler and will always hold Mason and help him feel loved :)
He gave Mason red hair, which we all love!
Danny is very spiritual and has a wonderful testimony. I am grateful that he is a worthy priesthood holder
He loves his family very much, even Ralph , which he might not admit :)
He is a happy, and makes Mason happyHe is also content and caring

and goofy and crazy... he can always make Mason laugh with crazy noises or games

and lastly he is chill and loves to just hang out and be with Mason :)

I am so grateful I am married to such a wonderful person, husband and father. Danny is amazing! Love you, and Happy Father's Day :)

Belated Mother's Day

So I realized that I never did something like this for my mom for Mother's Day... and I kinda feel bad because I have the best mom in the world, so here is a little bit about my mom, Cheryl MacArthur, and why I love her.

My mom is amazingly talented. She is a seamstress and could make anything you want with only a picture. It is hard to see all the details in this picture of my sisters wedding, but ya, my mom made that dress people... all the beading and all. She is amazing, I wish I had some pictures of my wedding scanned on the computer because she made my dress also. All I can say over and over she is amazing and let me tell you I always had awesome, original, prom dresses :)

My mamma loves my pappa... even if you can't tell in this picture.

My mom is always goofy and funny. And she claims that she is "blond" even though she has super dark hair because she is a space cadet sometime. Random note, for those who have never met my mom, would you even think we are related with that dark hair and dark eyes?

My mom is a wonderful daughter, sister, mom and person in general. She is one of the most giving people I know and would sacrifice anything for her children. It is funny that once you leave home you finally realize all your mom does for you, let me tell you my mom has done tons for me!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my moms dog Ella, with her crazy lady hairdo. Just thought this is a funny picture. Ella is crazy about my mom and will follow her around the house and freak out when she leaves. My mom loves dogs, especially little bitty ones like Ella and my dog Ralph.

Well mamma, I love you! You are the best mom ever,
Love your favorite oldest daughter :)

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's day, so I thought I would share a little about my daddy, Rick MacArthur, and why I love him :)

My dad was a professional water skier back in the day, and he was also a competitive sailer, aka he raced sailboats. So my childhood was filled with weekends at Bear Lake learning how to water ski and sail. My dad is an awesome teacher, very patient and kind but isn't afraid to push you. I am so grateful for all the things he has taught me about the water, and all the fun times we had, and will have, at Bear Lake.

My dad is very supportive in all the things I do. He worked very hard for our family, and he and my mom sacrificed a lot so I could play volleyball and other sports (though I think he is glad now, since I got college payed for)

My dad is funny, especially because he tells these jokes that aren't really funny all the time, just kind of obvious. But he does it all the time, so it becomes more funny each time... anyway he is silly and I love him.

My dad doesn't take life to seriously and can be a little rebellious in a good way. He can be very laid back and chill but at the same time is a very hard worker. Also he is very positive, all growing up he has instilled the power of positive thinking and mind over matter. I really appreciate that he has taught me this way to think, and I hope to pass it to my children :)

My dad is super outdoorsy... he has a goal to hike the highest peak in all 50 states, and I believe he is more than half way done. Not only that he loves to rock climb and ice climb (I can't remember the official name for that). He loves and appreciates nature, when hiking or just sitting on his front porch to watch the sunset.

My dad loves my mom... what more can I say :)

I guess I am saying that I have the greatest dad ever, I am very lucky and proud to have him as a dad. I hope he doesn't kill me for showing this picture, hahaha :)

Happy Father's Day Dad, I love you.
Love, your favorite oldest daughter :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

guess whaaaaaaaatttt......

In one week from today I will be in Utah and on my way to Bear Lake for the weekend :) yay, but sad that Danny can't be there. This picture was taken last summer (yes I am prego in the pic) with my bro and two sisters... and dad, brother in law B, and random friend in the back.

and guess what else, I am going to be in Utah for a week and a halfish, so if you wanna see me, or more importantly my baby, give me a call! and guess what else... then Danny and I will be going to Seattle for a week to see his fam :) yay for family and vacation :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


So I realize that I put up a whole bunch of videos today, Danny taught me how to upload and edit them so I thought I would share some since we have so many, and Mason is doing something new everyday! I am not sure who will watch them, hopefully family :) hint hint :)

on a side note, it is HOT HOT HOT (90 degree + 90% humidity = icky) here and when we turned on the air conditioning after its winter break we have come to realize that it is not working... goody

Sleepy Mason

This was taken when Mason was like 2 months old, I thought it was super funny and would share with you :)

Mason and Ralph

I have been trying to put this video up for quite sometime and it would never work... but alas I did and it is hilarious!!!! It is a couple of months old, Mason didn't shrink ;)

Mason giving mommy kisses

blowing raspberries

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mason eats solids (sorta)

This is from Mason's very first experience with solids... hahaha my mom calls this the "shivers" you know when something is so gross it makes your whole body shiver!

Here are some examples of the mess Mason makes as we try and trick him to eat his food, if anyone else has some tricks to help their kids eat, let me know :)