Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hap "BEE" Halloween

I will post some more pictures after we go trick or treating tomorrow... (that's right Mason is getting his mama some candy!)

Here is a picture that our friend took of Mason at our ward Halloween party.

Monday, October 27, 2008

want some free stuff?

My friend Jessica started a new blog with some helpful tricks and such. And BONUS, she is having a giveaway! So go HERE so you can get yourself some free wonderfulness.

walk in the park

There other day Mason and I went for a walk in a park and had lunch with some ladies from the ward. Here are some pictures of the cute kids playing.

all the red heads

my cute baby


her brother Daniel... he wouldn't smile, surprise surprise :)



and Faith (I love her eyes and curly locks)

and Quinn blowing spit bubbles

checking out the fence

miss Ainsley

if you look close she is throwing leaves

hanging out in the leaves

Ainsley and Mason playing

Sunday, October 26, 2008

little clips from the last month

more from the BX

Here is a little video from our trip to the Bronx in September


I love fall in NY :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mason

This past Sunday, October 19, Mason turned 1! I can't believe that I have a 1year old. We started the day by letting him "open" his present from Nana and Papa with balloons and all. He pretty much wanted to play with the balloons, :)

Here is his BDAY cake that I made... we had a "pumkin party" for my little pumpkin

singing Happy Birthday

he wasn't so sure about the cake

this is about as messy as he got

here are the babies (minus drew) they are all only a few months apart

and here is our attempt to get all the kids to sit together for a picture :)

Here is a video for Nana and Papa... Mason opening his presents

Here is Happy Birthday song and eating the cake

random things

I have majorly been slacking in the posting department...

Mason turned 1 this past Sunday, yup I have a 1 year old (pictures coming soon)

I got my first ticket last Friday (for talking on the cell phone, not speeding) I totally deserve it because I always forget my hands free set... but still I was only on the phone for 26 sec! oh well

Also last Friday Danny's car died in the middle of traffic on the 87 coming home from work, so that is a crazy story... you should ask him

I wasn't so happy last Friday, hahaha

This morning I let Mason run (umm crawl) around naked because he's got a nasty bum rash... I left him to play in his room while I went to the bathroom and after a minute he was really quiet. Humm "Mason what are you doing" I kept asking, still quiet... I went back to his room when I was done and yup poo and pee everywhere! and he was playing in the poo... TMI ? oh well.

That's all for now :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Davis Farmland

While visiting my cousin Celeste and her fam, we went to an awesome place, Davis Farmland! You could feed and pet most of the farm animals, it was great and Mason absolutely loved it.

all the red heads, Danny, Mason, Nica and Buffalo
Veronica (Nica) brushing a baby cow
Mason petting a sheep
the baby goats like to eat cloths and hair
see look close and you can see the little guy chewing on Mason's shirt
this baby goat was only 5 days old
this is bull had a gross tounge!
I can't remember what kind of horse this is, but it is really rare. There are only 20 of them in the US
Nica got her face painted by daddy
The Wells family being attacked by the giant tounge
Mommy and Mason on a hay ride

Friday, October 17, 2008

Honey Pot Orchards, Stow MA

Last weekend we went to visit my cousin Celeste and her family in Stow, MA. Stow is about 45 min or so outside of Boston. It was a gorgeous weekend, and of course it was nice to visit family (the only family in the east coast!) We went up Friday afternoon and spent the night. The next morning Danny and I took a short walk to Honey Pot Orchards, it was a wonderful farm that we could go apple "picking."

This was a bridge we crossed on the way to the farm... Fall is gorgeous :)
There were some animal that we could check out. Do you know what story this is from? That's right, The Three Little Pigs! If you look close you can see the pigs sleeping in the brick house.
There were also a whole bunch of pumpkins to pick too!
Celeste let us borrow this cool pack, Mason mostly like it
Here we are "picking" apples... actually we just went up to take pictures and then we picked a nice bag of apples from the gift shop :)
It was a gorgeous day!

Fall by the river

The other day Danny and I went for a bike ride by the Mohawk River and decided to stop and take some pictures... I love the fall! Oh and Mason :)

Mason loves to pick stuff up and give it to us