Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloweeen!

Wow, I am super super terrible at updating this blog.  So many things have happened, and I haven't even finished with our big trip this summer.  Oh well one day!  
Here are some pictures of this past weekends Halloween adventures.  My dad was able to fly in since he was close on a business trip, it has been fun having him.
Mason did not want to participate in the whole Halloween extravaganza, but Danny convinced him to dress up as buzz light year and he would dress up as Woody.  This is actually the same costume he wore last year that luckily fit him.  He also could have been a lion, but Mason would say, "I am Buzz because Woody needs a friend"

Lily was a little bumble bee, just like Mason was!

 We took these pictures before the trunk or treat at our ward on Saturday night.  Mason had so much fun trick or treating even though it took him a while to get used to the idea.  I had to hand the pumpkin to people at first to get candy. 

Notice Woody laying in the background
This is Lily and Kenna at the trunk or treat.  They are only a few months apart, both little bumble bees :)

Here is some from today when we took the kids trick or treating.  Mason was really into this since we had the trunk or treat the night before.  He would yell "trick or treat"  and was pretty good at saying thank you at the end.  Lily was really good at picking candy and putting it in her pumpkin.  In fact, she would keep grabbing candy if the person left the bucket in front of her.  Everyone would let her do it since she was so little, and as a result ended up with more candy than Mason, haha.

wow, he actually gave her a hug :)

 This was at the beginning with no candy in the bucket, near the end she had a hard time holding it up!

Lily with papa

Lily and woody

This is on the hill on our next door neighbors lawn, Lily decided to park  herself after all her hard work and help herself to some of the rewards.  It was so funny, she didn't want to move, just hang out with her spoils.

Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Papa comes to visit!

My dad had a conference in North Carolina, so on his way home he scheduled a stop to come visit us.  We had so much fun especially because he was here during Halloween!

I think Ralph was as excited as Mason!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haunted Halloween House

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to make a "haunted Halloween house" (like a gingerbread house at Halloween) that I found at walmart.  It was mostly fun but next time I will be sure to do it when Danny is around because it was a huge mess!

Mason's messy hands

Lily's messy everything...

She she is trying to help :)

What mom?

This is the ghost that lived there :)

Preschool Halloween party

Right before Halloween it was my week for preschool so I decided to have a little Halloween party with the preschool kids plus bring siblings and other friends over that usually don't come.  More kids came that are pictured here.  We played some Halloween games and made some hats, mostly the kids ended up trading around costumes which was pretty funny.  Notice that Mason isn't really in any of the pictures, he didn't want to participate in anything!

Drew as buzz lightyear

 Lily the queen bumble bee!

Ainsley as princess and half buzz, Clara as buzz but she put on the costume backwards which I thought was funny :)

Kaylie was a cute lady bug

Clara as the lion

Lily adding to her queen bee look

Now Clara is Cinderalla

And Ainsley is the lion

Lily is the fancy Nancy queen bee :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preschool, H, happy :)

This week at preschool we were doing the letter H.  We talked a alot about being happy and sad and how to deal with emotions.  Also we ate some hummus and made some happy/sad faces.  Here are some pictures of the kids (missing Micheal and David again)

Mason's sad face

Mason's  happy face

Kaylie's happy and sad face

Clara's sad face

Clara's happy face

Monday, October 25, 2010

My red heads look good in the fall :)

I am going to lets these pictures speak for themselves!