Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My March Mosaic

Here is a Mosaic of all the pictures I took for March.  You can see my January and February mosaics and/or  visit my 365 blog to see the pictures I take everyday and upload (almost!) everyday :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lilys first pony tail

After we went to the park (see below) Lily still had sunscreen in her hair (she will not keep her hat on!)  So I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try a pony tail... I have tried in the past but it never worked out because her hair is still so fine.  Anyway here are some picture from playing out side and Lily with her new do!

It was very slick for a little while because of the sunscreen... it eventually calmed down :)

My sweet dog :)

Crawling away from me...

Surprise Mason found a big stick :)

Trapped baby

My attempt of a picture of both of them...

Sometimes she can be so serious :)

park :)

I hope there are many more post to come from playing at the park... here are some pictures when we went with our friends a couple of weeks ago:

Daniel on the swing

The playground floor was gravel.  Lily had so much fun playing in it!  And I am so glad she takes a binky to act as a barrier to her mouth :) 

This is one of my new favorite pictures of Mason!

Daniel said "April take a picture of me doing this!"

Kaylie and her cute coat

This is what Lily's bum looked like after scooting around on the ground

Lily is already trying to hold hands with boys!

Monday, March 29, 2010

more fun at the Yeagers

We love playing at the Yeager's house!  We were a little early so we did some exploring on a beautiful day :)  Mason of course found some sticks...

and acorns

And Lily hung out in the car seat because I always forget to bring warms cloths for her (as you can see she has a blanket thing in her car seat)

She sure is pretty, even if she doesn't smile!

Here come the Yeagers!  Yay :)

We blew some bubbles

Here is a little montage of Kaylie's anticipation for the bubbles :)

The boys founds sticks...and mud :)

I think this picture is so funny!

Then came the bikes :)

Kaylie let Lily borrow some cloths since I didn't bring her a coat.  They were big but she looked cute!

Lily crawling away from me

Trying to get her to crack a smile :)

Then we found an airplane!

Mason and Daniel


I didn't think a picture like this would be possible with 2 two years old and a 4 year old!

And then Kaylie busts out her SASSY side :)

Oh my she is so funny!

Thanks as always for letting us come play :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

mason when he was 9 months

I was going through past blogs looking for a video of Mason crawling.  Here is his 9 month post.  There is a video of when he first started crawling.  It if funny to see the similarities and differences of Mason and Lily :)

Lily 9 months

This has been a big month for miss Lily:
  • She has learned how to crawl (she does it funny like Mason used too)
  • She can sit up by herself from laying on the floor
  • and 2 or 3 days ago she figured out how to pull herself to a complete stand!  (she is pretty proud of herself)  now I just need to teach her how to get back down (especially when in her crib!)
  • She loves stuffed animals
  • I gave her a lovely because we have had a hard time sleeping lately, and I think it is working :)
  • She gives me big hugs when I pick her up :)
  • She likes to fall asleep with her hand/arm over her face
  • She LOVES cheerios, she shovels them in as fast as she can
  • She has tired yogurt, black beans, chicken and beef.  She likes them all but can't figure out how to keep the meat in her mouth.
  • She has hit "stranger danger" big time, seriously don't look at her if I am not around or holding her!
  • She loves to be around Mason and play with whatever he is playing with... (pay back Mason!)

We love you baby girl happy 9 months!

Mason 29 months

My dear Mason turned 29 months on March 19th!  Here are some funny things he has done/said this past month:

  • He calls things happy, like "this is my happy cup!"
  • "Mine" is what we here constantly, whether it is his or not
  • He has really been into building lego houses for his animals
  • Random things scare him lately like the "BOOM BOOM BOOM, Mr. Brown is a wonder..."  (Dr. Seuss book)
  • He likes to purposely call things by their wrong name
  • He is better about calling animals by their actually name and not their sounds, except for a horse which he calls a "yee haw."  He got "yee haw" because I told him to say that when he rides on his rocking horse :)
  • He figured out things that fly have wings, like airplanes and birds.
  • I bought him new crayons and he wouldn't put them with his other crayons, they had to stay in the box!
  • He is figuring out the difference between girls and boys (though he still doesn't know the biological reasons)  and some of his animals have "girlfriends"
  • One of my favorite things he does lately is "just one"  I want just one bite, okay I want one more bite... will you give daddy a hug bye bye, "no", will you give daddy ONE hug? "okay"   It works really well when we want him to do something or eat something.  I have no idea how it came about but it is super funny.
  • He likes to give daddy a toy to take to work with him
  • Sometimes he calls daddy (aka, "guy") Danny (which is says perfectly)  He also knows my name is April.
  • Calls puffs, "star fish"
  • sometimes he fake snores when he is "taking a nap"
  • Likes to pretend he is a doggy and brings me toys in his mouth and wants me to throw them and play fetch, he also likes to "run run run like a crazy doggy"
  • He likes to go outside and see if any of our plants are turning green (there isn't very many) but he gets excited and says "look at the new plants!"
  • When he says monkey it sounds like "book sie" haha

 Love you happy boy :)