Friday, July 24, 2009

garden update

Here is the out of control garden... the giantness to the left is the zucchini and is taking over the garden. Danny built a "box" around it to keep it off the other plants but it just keeps getting bigger, haha. Everything seems to be growing fine except my basil and watermelon.

Here are the pots of tomatoes, some of them are flourishing and others are working hard just to make 1 tomato, it is pretty funny.

This one is my favorite

Here is the first zucchini that we picked... we can almost pick a new one everyday!

These are the "green bell peppers" I thought I planted... oops! I thought they were Jalapenos but it turns out they are Cabanero (spelling... I googled it and can't find the right spelling) pepper which are much hotter than Jalapenos. If you live in NY and like hot peppers let me know and you can have them!

The first cucumber... isn't it cute?

And we have already picked tons of green beans!

Oh and tonight we had this really yummy soup that used zucchini and it was super yummy and fast! Though I used store bought chicken stalk and didn't use the fresh parsley because I didn't have any.


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Shauna said...

And if thou should labor all thy days and bring save it be one tomato unto me... Go little plants, go! I like to root for the underdog. Your garden is gorgeous.