Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Utah iPhone pictures!

Mason liked that his airplane matched the airplane on his suitcase :)

While we were waiting to get on our plane, they announced that some servicemen were coming off the plane so they got lots of flags and banners for us to hold and cheer them off the plane.  It was really cool experience and totally made me teary eyed.  Probably from being all pregnant and such :)

On the airplane:

And now in Utah at Grammy and Papa's house:

In the cabin at Bear Lake, these next 2 pictures are curtsey of Mason :)  Rio was watched over and over and over much to Uncle Brigham's dismay! haha

Oh goodness, Miss Lily checking out my new bras hahahaha

Lily got into the nail polish by herself while were at Grandma Fitt's house.  Luckily she made more of a mess on her toes than on the floor!  Don't leave this girl alone for a second.

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