Thursday, January 26, 2012

At the hospital

So I am sitting here in the hospital waiting to see if I have preeclamsia or not.  From what I know it can be dangerous for mom because of high blood pressure.  I looked it up yesterday and was sure I couldn't really have it because well I have no symptoms of it (blurry vision, head aches, seeing spots or pain in my tummy)  I have just had some protein in my urine and my blood pressure kept creaping up.

Yesterday my doctor had me do a 24 hour urine sample, I won't go into details on how fun that was... that is what we are awaiting the test results.  The blood tests came back normal.  But my blood pressure is still high as I sit here in the hospital so I am guessing that I will probably be induced...

I am not really excited to be induced, for the last couple of months I have been mentally preparing for a wonderful natural hypnobirthing using hypnobabies.  I have had quite a few friends use it and had wonderful experiances.  And I anticipate everything to be wonderful this time even though it is not beginning the way I want it.  I am trying to stay positive about the whole situation.  I am really really excited to meet this baby and I am certainly DONE being pregnant, I just keep hoping I will spontaneously go into labor right this second :) 

It is weird to me since I have had such a normal pregnancy just like the other 2.  The doctor said it can come at anytime and there is nothing I did to cause it, I guess that makes me feel a little bit better.

I am so happy I have wonderful friends that can watch Mason and Lily and Ralph while I wait here at the hospital forever and ever!  Danny is at home right now getting all my stuff that I didn't have packed because I was sure I would have a least a week before anything happened.

It is snowing outside, how beautiful!  All right back to my book and awaiting the doctors word.  I just wanted to write a few thougths down before I forgot. 

Prayers are much appreciated :) 


Boy or Girl?  Red hair?  I am so excited to meet my baby :)

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