Monday, August 31, 2009

Bronz ZOO

While Grandma Newman was here we decided to take a trip down the Bronx Zoo with our friends the Yeagers. Side note... Danny and I used to live right across the street from the zoo when we lived in the Bronx. Danny's mom and dad came to visit us there once and we didn't visit the zoo. She thought it was funny that this time we would drive 3 hours to visit, haha.

Anyway it was a good time, all the children were good (thanks to portable DVD players!) The only bummer was that there was a big storm the night before which blew down a whole bunch of trees all over the zoo. So they had to lock up the majority of the animals (tigers, lions, elephants, bears etc) because they could have escaped. Mason still had fun though :)

Going to see the monkeys

This was the highlight of the day, the seals! They were very active and Mason loved it :)

Swimming seal

The mom and dad started talking

Walking around with grandma

Polar bear

Kaylie and Daniel

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Justin and Toshi said...

I love the zoo! So much fun - your kids are adorable!