Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Grandma was here for a week, and then Grandpa came to join in the fun. Grandpa had never been to Palmyra so Danny took them and Mason to go check it out. Lily and I stayed home because it was supposed to rain all day (it didn't but whatever)

In the car ready to go...

Run run run, on the tour of Smith farm

Checking out the water

This picture is so funny to me... this is Mason's pre rocking throwing pose, haha

Looking at the map, I think they are lost :)

In the Sacred Grove

Walking around down town Palmyra

Palmyra Temple

On top of the Hill Cumorah

Rolling down the hill

Running down the hill (Danny said a couple of times he would start running so fast and couldn't stop and he would start screaming, haha... don't worry Danny would stop him)


Deb Newey said...

Haha, that makes me laugh picturing him running down the hill and screaming...poor little guy. :)

the chowdhury family said...

These picture are wonderful! You always seem to capture the moment!