Friday, November 25, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Part 2

After Kristi left from her first little visit the beginning of October (kitchen remodel part 1), Danny and I kept working on the kitchen so we could get some of it put back together.  We finished priming all the cupboards and got them all painted white, put the doors put back on with new hinges and painted the rest of the walls (sea salt on top, white on the bottom).  All in preparation for the free labor to arrive over Thanksgiving :). Jon, Kent and Danny did a great job of putting in a new floor, yay, and building an awesome pantry so I could get some of the stuff off the top of the cupboards and off the counters.  Here are some pictures of their labors :)

White trim, and white cupboards (bad lighting) the wall is primed but the final color is the pretty sea salt (a light bluish, grey, green)

Here you can see the color on the walls and the old microwave cabinet, soon to be replaced by the pantry.  Also the boxes of the new floor on top of the old floor.

New floor left, old floor right.

The boys building the pantry, luckily for them it was a beautiful weekend in NY!

Oh Jon, he is so funny and super patient.  I had to plug my ears every time Danny and his dad started getting technical about the pantry, and Jon patiently hung around them almost the whole time :)

Mason liked playing in the saw dust, until he realized it stuck to his gloves :)

Mason and Lily liked to help and watch the men work!

Yay getting closer :)  eeeep!

Stay tuned for part 3 and the finished product!!!

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