Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My dear Mason

Mason was so excited to go to a fun ward carnival activity to play lots of games and hang out with his friends.  In true Mason fashion he was super shy and clingy to Danny and would only try things if dad did it with him.  He really wanted his face painted but was too shy to stand in line until his friend Daniel came and showed him the dragon on his face.  Mason was so excited he waited in the face painting line for 10 minutes.  When it was his turn he was really shy and put his hands on his face, Nana explained to him that it would feel cold and tickley the whole time he was painting.  After she explained it to him he sat there calmly but with his eyes closed the whole time, ahhh sill Mason!  He was really excited about it and loved to show it off.  We explained to him that it might come off while he slept so he tired really hard not to roll over on that side, silly kid :)

The next morning, not too bad!

And here are some other random pictures of my sweet boy.  He loves to watch movies, tv, and play video games.  I have to try really hard to balance that fun stuff and non electronic activities.

My friends Anjantte and Hannah threw me a "meet the baby" shower so everyone could see Oliver.  Anjanette made these super cute cupcakes.  Mason and Lily were so excited that they got to eat one.  Mason especially thought it was funny when he got to bite of the duckies head!

Other random funny things Mason does and likes:
He is really into coloring and writing.  He loves to draw dots and the connect them, draw random shapes and ask us what we think it looks like, and tracing letters.  I love that when he writes his own name it looks like this, MazoN so so cute.
He loves to build things with his legos and makes me presents all the time.  We have to display them up high so they are not broken and they stay there until he needs it back for more pieces.  
He loves to do projects with people, he always want to be with me or someone else when he does something with the exception of Lily, he has to be in the right mood to deal with her.
He likes to teach people things and explains it in explicit detail.
He thinks he wins when playing Mario cart because his name is displayed on the bottom of the screen :)

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