Sunday, March 17, 2013


At the doctors

Well this week we were still sick unfortunately.  I took Oliver to the doctor Monday morning to make sure he didn't have an ear infection and turns out he had a sinus infection.  I am not always thrilled with that diagnosis because it sounds like, oh he has been sick for x amount of days he must have a sinus infection.  I held off for a few hours from giving him the prescription to see if I could find a more natural way to heal him rather than killing all the good bacteria in his body.  But in the end I gave in because he was acting so sick.

Mason found the wolf at trader joes, he was so excited!

Good thing I am nursing him because that is all the food he has had all week!  Oh that is one of the annoying things about antibiotics is how it upsets his little belly.  He has had diarrhea and won't eat anything, so I can't help him feel better, I have tried bananas, yogurt, kefir, probiotic ANYTHING!  He has been running around naked alot because that is the only thing to cure the terrible diaper rash :( The other kicker is that I got sick this week.  AHHH I don't have time for this.  I am still sick too which sucks, I am hoping I don't have a sinus infection too because my head feels so miserable.

yay, it is warm outside

But to the fun news, we had one warm day which was awesome.  All winter Oliver has stared longingly to the back deck and he finally got to go and play on it.  Of course he ran straight to the balls and started throwing them around.  It was nice to sit in the sun and get some vitamin D.  Mason and Lily were really cute and played with Oliver and would fetch it for him when he threw it  off the deck.  He was really cute with the little step he would turn around on his belly like he supposed to on the stairs, even though he hardly does that on our actual stairs!

hug until you are friends again, it almost worked, hahaha

Today is St. Patricks Day and a little leprechaun did some fun stuff.  He made a rainbow out of the kids toys which Danny called "organized chaos" and then that little guy made a picture scavenger hunt for the kids that ended in treasure.  I am glad the leprechaun abided by the house rules of no treats with artificial colors :)  We have a video I will post soon.

my lunch one day, i thought it was pretty

On Saturday Danny ran in a 5K kilt run.  Unfortunately we couldn't find Danny a kilt which was a bummer.  Danny loves to push the kids so Mason and Lily got to go for the ride.  The best and crazy part is that it was 28 degrees outside, but he still managed to finish in 25 minutes, he is amazing.  Oh the kids total combined weight is 87lbs!!!!  We were a little late to the race but Danny still managed to pass a whole bunch of people and as he did Mason said "toodles"  At some point in the race Lily lost her blanket and Danny didn't notice, a few minutes after he finished another runner came up and gave him the blanket!  That was really nice for someone to run with it and return it.  The poor girl was freezing though!  We didn't stay long after that even though there were some other fun activities mostly because we were freeeeeezing!  So yes Danny is amazing :)

oh my sweet snuggly boy

Lily likes to make and egg mac sandwich everyone morning with Danny.  She gets out all the ingredients and puts the bread in the toaster and lines up all the ingredients all while sitting on the counter.  Danny is curious if it really is her favorite breakfast to eat or if it is her favorite because she LOVES to help :)

the outdoors and balls make him so happy!

Oliver hasn't ever been a snuggly baby but the last couple weeks being sick has turned him into a snuggler.  He will snuggle with Danny on the couch until it is breakfast time while I take a nap up in my bed.  I hope that the snuggling will last after he is better but I prefer him to be happy if I have to choose between the 2.

running free to get rid of his diaper rash

Oliver also learned the sign please which was cute.  And he can say ball, mama and I am pretty sure Ralph as "ra".  He loves to play with cars and balls.

My favorite quote from Lily this week:
Me:  Lily can you go to the bathroom before we leave
Lily: No its ok, I went last year :)

danny running the 5k Kilt run

I realize I didn't say much about Mason this week.  He is awesome, reading well, getting in too many fights with Lily, but besides that is great with Oliver and is a super helper if I need something which is great!  I think he is going through and egotistical phase.  I am sure I learned something about this in child development some time or another in my studies.  He thinks EVERYTHING revolves around him, is being said about him, should include him etc.  Examples; When we are eating and Lily shoves everything in her face quick to eat it he assumes it is because she wants to beat him at eating, not because she wants to go play.  Every noise Lily makes, good or bad is apparently directed at him and always ends in a fight.  Don't get me wrong Lily does push his buttons but she isn't doing it as much as he thinks. Anything I am talking about to another person he has to know what it is what is going on and if I was talking about him.  Sometimes it is cute, sometimes annoying, but I love him.

Lily taking really good care of her babies during rest time

Mason is so cute when we drive in the car.  He says something like "mom do you want to talk about nature with me"  and it ends up being him telling me stuff he learned on Wild Kratts.  Today on the way home from church he asked if I wanted to talk about space or nature.  I said space and he said "well I don't know much about space but we can talk about it if you want"  haha.  Then we had discussions about metors and how pluto isn't a planet anymore.

the rainbow left by the leprechaun 

He is still good as ever at following the rules.  Today it was taking me a long time to make dinner because Danny was working on the car and Oliver was being a pill so I made the kids quesidillas.  While I was finishing the enchiladas for Danny and I asked Danny if he could cut up a pepper or some veggtable for them since I hadn't done that yet.  A minute later Danny asked if they wanted a roll with honey.  I was annoyed because I said a pepper for a reason as they hadn't had much veggies today but I let it slide because I was tired and tying to get dinner done.  Lily was happy to have a roll but Mason insisted he have a some peppers first since that is what I said, what a good boy :)  

Lily is a really good helper at the grocery store!

the photo scavenger hunt

oliver thinking the back of my camera is a touch screen like my phone :)

lily washing the windows

one of Mason's creations

our St. Patricks Day lunch, natures green food!

oh he is so cute!

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