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Well it seems that most of January and all of February has passed me by with out updates.  This poor blog is certainly taking a back seat to other things in my life but hopefully I can update it and get 2012 printed out.  Mason, Lily and Danny are currently looking at old blog books and cracking up. I know it is worth the hassle to record our family journal in this way!  

At least one of them was excited to hold hands :)

The other day Danny was watching the kids while I went to girls night.  I got a text about an hour after I had left saying

"One of the kids locked the bedroom doors while the Yeager's were over, so while all inside we couldn't get out when Lily shut the door on us.  First thing Mason suggested was to say another prayer."

I have to confess when I first read this I started giggling and then I called to make sure he got out ok.  In case any of you are wondering a while back we turned the door knobs around so you can lock people into rooms, we did it 1. to lock Lily in her to go to sleep and then 2. because she kept locking herself in and it was getting annoying.  Danny didn't have his cell phone in the room with him but found something in the room that worked to open the door.  I think it is really sweet that the first thing that popped into Mason's head was to say a prayer, what a good kid I have!  

Green smoothie stealer :)  He loves them!

Oliver is as cute as ever.  He loves to climb everything and the other day finally figured out how to climb onto the table, ahhhh.  We solved it by putting all the chairs together in the middle of the kitchen so he could just play on those, and then just 2 days ago he figured out how to push those chairs to where he wants.  He gets really mad because he pushes a chair where he wants then gets on and then I move the chair back to where it was, hahahahaha.  I haven't been very consistent with the signing which I should do better because he is screaming a lot but he is starting to follow directions a little, like if I ask him to give me something, to sit down or lay down to change his diaper so that is cute.  I asked him to go give some garbage to daddy and he did it!  Darling :)  He is still waking up at least 1 time at night to nurse and is nursing still a ton, which is ok with me (besides the nighttime feeding) because I know it is better for him than cows milk, I am hesitant to give him that right now so I am just going to continue to nurse him especially through the winter.  

Yes she is my gorgeous snow flake!

My beautiful Lily is as crazy as ever.  She is learning how to write her name and loves to sing songs.  She has an amazing memory for songs and I am impressed at all the things she sings through out the day.  She loves to play with Mason and Oliver, really anyone who will give her attention.  She still loves to watch princess movies and loves to dress up herself and me and danny.  She often brings over a blanket and puts it across my shoulders and gives me a crown and announces I am the queen.  She likes to say funny prayers or sing songs wrong on purpose to make Mason and I laugh.  Mason always looks at me with this cute little smile shaking his head and saying silly Lily.  

Instagram picture of a picture of my computer screen, maybe one day I will actually get to culling through my personal pictures I take!

Mason loves learning new things things, just the other day he was saying that whenever we are in the car he wants to talk about nature the whole time.  We start talking about different things and he always ends up telling me the stuff he learns on Wild Kratts (a PBS show) so thank you wild Kratts for teaching Mason so many wonderful things.  Currently we are about halfway through the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons"  he is doing really well and is able to read short paragraphs by himself now, he still needs to sound out a lot of the words but is starting to recognize some by sight and repetition.  It is exciting teaching him to read and watch him succeed.  We have been reading "Go Dog Go" during rest time a couple pages at a time and he does well with the sounds he as learned!

All my kids have mullets.  This picture is a little old, it is getting curlier by the minute :)  We may have another curly head on our hands!

Danny is a super dad, he has been getting up in the morning with the kids and feeding them breakfast so I can take a quick power nap before I have to start the day after getting up a few times during the night.  Hopefully some day soon we can trade off sleeping in like we used to :)  He also does a really great job playing with the kids when he gets home.  I feel like a bad mom because I am not really great at the sit down and playing.  I like teaching them things, art projects, play doh.  But sitting down in imaginative play is really hard for me.  I guess that means that my kids have something else to learn from me :)  The other day Mason really wanted to do some Yoga so Danny found some pictures on the ipad and they sat and did it for about an hour.  Mason even focused really well on his breathing which was cute.  There are a few pictures down below, it was hilarious because Danny and Mason would be so calm and in the zone and Lily would try it for a second and then climb all over Danny!

Lily and Kaylie are queens out for a stroll on their horses!

Danny is really enjoying serving as the Young Men's president in our ward and is always planning fun stuff.  It is probably the perfect calling for him and I was so worried when he was first call a couple of years ago that he would be gone too much but really it hasn't been bad at all, the only thing that is crazy for me is Sundays because he has so many meetings but Danny is doing better about helping to and from the car so that is good :)  My calling as the nursery leader is getting better I was having a hard time feeling that that was the right calling for me at first because lets face it I have a nursery with me all the time :)  but it has been going very well and that is mostly due to the wonderful other women in there with me!  The kids are are really cute too now that we don't have any more criers :)  The only time I get a little batty is when we try and teach a lesson but that is how it should be right!

Mason during rest time, he set up all these toys just to take a picture :)

Well that is all I can think about right now, so enjoy this little update :)  I hope all my friends and family are doing well and curious if any one even looks at this anymore since I don't update it often any more. Let me know, I may make it private but I don't want it to be hard for my grandparents to check it.  Anyway  here are a few more pictures, I was trying to think of a subject between each pictures but I won't push it, this is already lengthy as it is!  xoxo

Mason and Lily's valentines, I got the idea off of 

I made berry oatmeal and she wanted a banana on it but not cut up, ha!

silly boy

Downward dog, including the dog!


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Kristi said...

I always read your blog when you post something or update it. If you do go private make sure to add my email. I can't get enough pictures of those super cute and crazy kids!!! I NEED your blog to keep up with them as they grow since I don't get to see them.