Monday, September 26, 2011

Lily's birthday party :)

Lily was so lucky to have some of her favorite friends come over for a birthday party!  Clara, Mary Catherine, Kenna, Isabella and Chase, Daniel and Kaylie and Anna and Brina.  My best friend here in New York, Anjanette, made her cute cupcake cake!  And I am grateful because my cakes always turn out to be a disaster!  Look closely at all the detail she put on the cake. Lily had so much fun and loved all the attention, she is so different than Mason :)  We even lit the candles twice because she loved us singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles! 

She loved opening up presents and did a really good job at saying thank you and giving hugs to her friends after she opened each one.  The best part is when Clara gave Lily a princess doll and a book.  The book was something about being a big sister.  I tried to play it off, but people figured out that I was pregnant.  I had only told my friend Allison, Clara's mom, no one else knew because I was only 7 weeks along.  Haha so at the point the secret was out which I think is pretty funny.

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl, we love you!

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