Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random ramblings...

Here are some random thoughts about everything, it may be boring but we shall see..

I am so behind on pictures, my family keeps bugging me to post more.  I always plan to everyday, I also plan on writing down all the funny things Mason and Lily say, I never want to forget them because they can both be cute and random.  Most of the time I forget before I get a piece of paper though.  Is that my blondness or pregnantness, I am not sure, probably a combination of both.  I have lots of fun pictures of vacation sitting in lightroom waiting to be turned into jpegs, one day I promise.

Lily has started "shhhhing" me, and it makes my blood boil.  If I correct her, discipline or plain tell her to do something she shhhhs me.  Oh my goodness what am I going to do with that girl.  She says cute things though too like "oh my GOSH!" haha and "I want to watch "rectangled"", aka Tangled the movie.  She loves that movie and could watch it over and over.  She loves singing to the songs, mostly it is humming and blurting out the random words she knows.  She also does that when I sing her songs at night which is super cute.  The other funny thing she does is she always has a baby with her and usually a "diaper bag" too.  And she thinks this baby has precedence over all things.  Her baby gets a chair at the table (she really expects me or Danny to give up our chair for her) when she has a snack she will give the baby some, and when she goes to bed more often then not she gives the baby her pillow.  One time she got mad when I moved the baby off her pillow and helped her head onto, "no no that is for the baby"  She is pretty cute.  She gave up the binky like a champ which is surprising because I expected to be alot worse than Mason, but nope.  She never woke up at night once and it only took 4 days for her to stop asking for it, amazing.  We might start potty training in October, we will see how that goes.  She wants to be naked all the time, and takes off her diaper and insists sitting on the potty so I am sure these are signs.  I am worried that she isn't old enough to figure out how to hold it when she is busy.  She can get distracted easily.  Oh but it would be nice to have her trained before this next baby comes. 

Speaking of the next baby everything is going well.  I am 20 weeks along which is fun, I am certainly showing which I suppose is fun too.  I had an ultrasound today and everything is going well.  The baby is perfectly healthy.  We are going to be SURPRISED with this baby which is exciting and little bit scary.  I was going to have her write it down on a peice of paper so I could put in an envolope but I forgot so now no one knows :)  Danny said he peeked when she told me to close my eyes so I wonder if he knows.  At least if he figured it out he knows better than to tease me because I might bite his head off!  I have been feeling pretty good after the first 14 weeks finally passed.  The only thing that is annoying is the my bum falls asleep everytime I am sitting or laying down, argh that is annoying and I still have 20, hopefully less, weeks to go.  I have been eating too much sugar blah, I need to stop that.

And speaking of sugar, Mason is on his little kick that he expects "dessert" after every meal. And he says things like "I haven't had any candy yet today, I need a treat"  I don't know where he got this expectation that he should get candy everyday.  I am tempted to go and throw any candy in the house in the garbage, but it does come in handy when I need a bribe.  I am not above bribing.  Mason really loves to says prayers lately and he finally figure out that you can say whatever you want to Heavenly Father.  Lots of times I swears he peaks with his eyes and blesses everything that is in the room, some funny examples "please best my favorite friends, and please bless my other friends and please bless everyone else, and please bless my broken airplane and please bless my swords I fight with, and please bless the people in the flood, and please bless everyone else not in the flood, and please bless everyone else, and please bless.......etc"  He always adds at the end "please bless Jesus and please bless Heavenly Father"  which I think is so cute since he is speaking to Heavenly Father, I bet that puts a smile on his face.  I can see why Jesus loves little children!  One day he got in a loop saying "please bless the food, and please bless everyone else, please bless the food and please bless everyone else..." over and over for about 2 whole minutes.  Danny and I don't want to discourage him but sometimes his prayers can be lengthy. 

He hasn't been taking naps lately but he has a few toys in his room that stay there like the little legos and he entertains himself for 1-2 hours, it is great.  His room is always a mess now but I will take that so I can  have some quite time.  He loves learning new things, he is really into dinosaurs and he is going to have a Dinasour birthday party.  He wants to invite like 15 kids, I am not sure what I am going to do about that, hmmm.  He wants boys to come but all his best friends right now are girls which I am totally ok with.  With his best little girly friends we are doing preschool again which is super fun.  He loves it and I do too.  It is great to focus time with him and even after these last couple of weeks he has learned how to hold the pencil the right way.  He like writing alot and has finished off a couple of notepads already.  We went to a neighborhood garage sale the other day and he loved it.  Now he keeps asking when we get to go to a garage sale again, haha. 

Okay I am impressed if anyone is gong to read this long.  I suppose I should go now, my house is a mess and I have pictures to edit and I really really want to finish my book.  I love reading and it can be dangerous because it is the only thing I want to do.  Anyway, pictures will come soon promise.  Oh but I have been updating my photography blog a little bit so you can check that out and leave some love.  That would make me happy!

Bye bye for now!

P.S.  Here is a picture just for fun, I already put it on my other blog and facebook but I think it is so funny I will post it again.  These are the youngest grandchildren and my grandma's great grandchildren.  I have a special bond to Max, the one with the faux hawk.  I am the oldest grandchild on my mom's side and he is the youngest, fun fun!  The sad little baby is my sister Raquel's baby and then that leaves Olivia who is 4 and of course Mason and Lily on the ends.


Altax said...

Cute kids, Lovely pictures and awesome photography.
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LAINA said...

What cute kids. And I am thinking that since we have one boy and one girl as well that with our next baby I will have it be a surprise, why not...I already have all I need for whatever comes.

So excited for you.