Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ballerina Party

Mason got invited to a ballerina party the other day.  As a reminder he is the ONLY boy his age at church, out of 12 kids in CTR4 class.  Though we are ok with his best friends being girls because he seems to play really well with them and I am glad that they include him even though he is a boy :)  It was a ballerina themed party and everyone was supposed to dress up as one.  Well Mason wasn't going to do that but he did want to dress up so he went as Iron Man haha.  Lily tagged along so I could take pictures of the party and since we didn't have a ballerina outfit she went as tinker bell.  Mason felt a little out of place with all the ballerinas but still had fun and was nice to all the girls.  Lily was in her element!  She is so girly and loved playing all the games and dancing.  It was a such a cute party and I am glad that Mason has such nice friends!

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