Friday, June 1, 2012

I love my family

I love these people.  They make my heart full :) 

I guess this is why Danny thinks they need a rock wall, he is tired of them climbing on him :) 

I love the next three, this is SOOOO Lily :)

Pay particular attention to their expressions and what Lily is trying to do.  She thinks Danny is HER daddy and doesn't always like to share :)


rachel june* said...

Love ALL of these! Especially the one of Lilys hair when Danny has her doing airplane. And her hilarious mad face when trying to get mason off...I know that gritting face all too well ;)

Tera said...

such BEAUTIFUL pictures of such beautiful people! I love the way the light catches on Lily's hair!

Justin and Toshi said...

CUTE! Love your little kiddos...what a great moment to capture!

LAINA said...

Your family is so adorable.