Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas was wonderful.  The kids woke up and went straight for the tree to see if there were any new presents (there were plenty already thanks to family, it is a small tree though so don't get your proportions wrong!)  Santa always leaves toys out on the couch but the kids haven't caught on yet, actually I don't think they realized it was any different day, haha.  But after they saw their presents they got excited.  We opened a couple of the presents under the tree and they just played with them.  Danny and I didn't say anything because we don't mind spreading out the presents through the day.  But Mason caught on and opened all of his.  He got bummed a while later when Lily and Oliver got to open presents because he had already done all of his.  

For breakfast the tradition in my family was to have an egg 'MAC' sandwich which is an english muffin, egg, cheese, sausage and canadian bacon sandwich.  Well the kids really like those and we seem to make the lesser version all the time (usually with out sausage or meat all together)  I wanted to have something special since we had unspecialized that meal so we had crepes instead.  That was yummy yummy yummy, mmmm Nutella and bananas please!  

We skyped with my family so I could see the reaction when my mom and dad opened their present from us kids (april, raquel, heather and brady)  we reenacted pictures from our childhood and pretty much is the most amazing book that has ever been made, plus it was fun to have that bonding time with my siblings!  You can see the book by clicking here  please don't mind that this is the biggest I have been ahhh 3rd hard baby for me :)  

Later on that night our new friends the Southwicks came over to eat dinner.  It was great to be able to hang out with another family that doesn't have their own family close to hang out with.  But I didn't take any pictures but you will just have to trust my word that they came over and are pretty cool friends at that!  And really I didn't take many pictures at all, below is what you get haha.  

Merry Christmas everyone, it was a wonderful day!  Love to all the friends and family that we weren't able to see :)  

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