Sunday, December 9, 2012

This blog is alive

Knock knock, is this thing on?

Yes I am still here, and yes I do still plan on blogging the last few months have been a crazy whirlwind of insanity.  Between me not sleeping (oh that sweet Oliver) and photography business picking up it has left this beauty in the back burner.  But I thought I would give a little update at what has been going on around here 

Mason- is LOVING preschool.  He goes 3 times a week and it has been wonderful for him.  I am so glad that we decided to wait a year for kindergarden, he has grown so much the last few months and is getting less nervous around big crowds, and new things.  Mason is such a great helper at home, he is always willing to get me a diaper, or wipes.  He will let ralph in and out when he needs to go potty.  He will stand by Oliver in his high chair to make sure he doesn't fall out so I can use the restroom.  He is so great.  He is still a little whiney and can be crabby around Lily which I can understand because she sure knows how to push his buttons.  He loves to play with his legos and follow the instructions.  After he has built it he likes to make new things with his imagination, and he does a really good job.  He is also really into doodleing, it is fun to see his drawings come to life and look like more than just scribbles on the page!

Lily- she is going to a friends house for preschool 2 times a week and she loves it!  She really needs time to socialize with kids her age and she was starting to feel really left out when Mason was going places and she wasn't.  Lily is a princess, and she loves to pretend that she is different ones each day.  We often play the disney kids songs on pandora and between that and watching waaaaaay too much TV she knows most words to the songs, it is really cute.  She loves to dance and will grab Danny and I all the time to dance with her.  If she wants me to "marry her" I have to put my hand on her back while we are dancing.  If she is going to "marry me" then she will put her hand on my back.  It is pretty funny.  I am pretty sure she got that move from Beauty and the Beast.  Everytime she sees Danny and me kiss she lights up and says "oh you are going to marry daddy"  I am pretty sure her own little Lily land revolves around an endless fairytale!  But for all the cute things she does she does about 10 naughty things, haha.  Drawing on the couch, herself the walls etc.  Breaking Mason's toys or stealing them, poking, hitting Mason and Oliver.  You name it!  She sure is cute though.  Oh and she spills something every meal at least once, but I can't blame her she gets that from me and my mama!

Oliver-  This kid is cute, and it is a good thing.  He doesn't really sleep well a lot of nights getting up 1-10 times.  He really doesn't like getting teeth or getting sick and he is immune to tylenol.  The best part is that he wakes up in the middle of the night and he doesn't want me to snuggle/nurse/rock etc he just cries and pushes me away, I know it is because he doesn't feel good but I got to the point where I had it and just let him cry in his bed because he was crying anyway.  I think once this next tooth comes in he will feel better.  A couple months ago he went on a week long nursing strike.  It was awful, if any of you ever have a kid that goes on strike and you don't want to wean let me know and I will be there for you, it was stressful and emotional on everyone in the family (mostly because I was a mess) but he is nursing great now and all is well!  Oliver LOVEs to cruise around pushing chairs around the house he will also stand up randomly.  He has taken 1 step a couple of different times.  Part of me thinks he will walk soon the other part sees that he really only likes doing that if he can push something, so we shall see.  This kid is a screamer as in a happy screamer, man he is loud.  Anyway I love him when he is happy and not too clingy.  I love holding him but I can't really get anything done around the house, so if you come over my house is a mess

Well that is all for now, I am gearing up for Christmas and wrapping up some last minute clients!  Then I will be back to blogging, I sure miss this place!  

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Tera said...

I love the pics of your kids and I love to hear you talk abou them! They are darling, whether they do naughty things or not!