Friday, October 19, 2012

Mason's 5th birthday!

I can't believe that my baby is now 5 years old.  To celebrate we had a really fun halloween themed birthday party.  Originally he wanted a Lego party where everyone would dress up in their Halloween costumes (is birthday is the end of October) I told him that if wanted people to dress up we could just have a Halloween birthday party instead.  He wasn't too sure at first and responded saying "well I don't really need any more halloween toys"  My sweet boy thought the theme of the party mean't the type of presents his friends would bring.  I reassured him that his friends would bring an assortment of presents and even having a lego party wouldn't mean you would get legos!  Thankfully he obliged because it is really easy to get Halloween decor in October :)  My BFF in New York made the amazing haunted house cake that you see below.  She is ridiculous and the savior to all my kids parties, I mean I mess up making a white cake and sparkle frosting (seriously I do, ha)  So if you are local to New York and need a cake talk to Anjanette!  Oh and the cute trick or treat gift bags below I ordered through Perideau Designs.  She makes an assortment of modern party accessories for children's parties and holidays.  She has done custom design for Lily's and Oliver's birthdays as well!  So go check out her sight for some amazing party details :)  

The Halloween food was fun to make, we had deviled egg monsters, bat cupcakes, ghost bread and caterpillar meatballs :)

Then we had a ghost piñata, which was fun for the kids but impossible to break open.  Pinatas now a days are thick cardboard and it took Danny beating it to death and poking holes in it to get the goodies out!  

It was raining outside when people came to the party which was unfortunate because I had arranged for the kids to go trick or treating early to a few of my neighbors houses.  Luckily for about 15 minutes it was only a light drizzle so we took the kids out and they had so much fun, I mean who gets to go trick or treating on October 19th!  

Then we came back in to open presents and eat the yummy haunted house cake!  Happy Birthday Mason we love you :)

There was at one time a 5th candle, I am not sure where it went haha

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