Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super Halloween

First of all my mom is amazing and made the most darling Halloween outfits for my kids.  It may be the only year that I can forcefully make my kids match because Mason and Lily are already having opinions on what their costume will be next year.  They looks so darling, I love all my super kids!  

Halloween was fun, Mason and Lily had fun trick or treating in our neighborhood and they mostly remembered to say thank you after.  Then after going to our favorite neighbors houses we went to the Yeagers house to go around their neighborhood with them.  It was a grand old time until Lily got super slow, haha.  We would try and carry her but she would get mad and then we skipped some houses to catch up and that made her mad too.  So then we were done :)

The next day the great pumpkin came to our house.  The kids got to pick 10 pieces of candy to keep and the rest the sacrificed to the great pumpkin who left them each $5 in return to go pick out a toy at the store.  It worked out great, I hope in the future that will still work as I don't want all that garbage in the house :)  

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