Friday, September 5, 2008

red apples and red hair

First... what do you think of the title, kinda dumb huh? oh well...
Second, I love my baby! Isn't he adorable!
Yesterday I saw Danny and Mason looking around outside, so I went to take some pictures. Mason crawled up our little hill to the apple tree in our neighbors yard.


Is this one kinda scary? Not sure if I love it, or am scared...

I love his eyes... and the drool!

oh yummy!

Oh and I managed to get like 30 mosquito bites from laying in the grass to take the pictures, and Mason ended up with one!


Brady said...

just fyi, the one you are unsure of, with mason in the backround, and the apple in the foreground, i LOVE it!! i really think it is a great picture! i miss my little nephew!!

Deb said...

Hey what a cutie you got there! What beautiful red hair he has! And what a great photographer you are!