Friday, September 19, 2008


I can't believe that my baby is 11 months old! Here are a few things he has done this month:

Can you see the huge bruise/goose bump on his head.... well he falls sometimes which is expected (mostly while crawling) but he likes to fall and hit his head in the same place every time, so it just gets bigger and blacker!

He has discovered the stairs and loves to climb up them. Danny and I are working on going down, but it isn't going so well... hopefully he figures it out soon.

He has started throwing tantrums, goody...

He loves cruising around and he will walk with us only holding 1 hand. Also he has stood all by himself for almost a minute straight a few times.

He is finally learning how to use a sippy cup thanks to the cute girl Tea (say tay-ah) that I babysit.

Mason loves Tea and follows her around when she is over.

He has discovered the toilet and wants to throw things in it and play in the water, YUCK!

I think that Mason is trying to say mama and daddy and banana.

He loves to play outside on the grass, and watch Ralph and our neighbor dog play.

Love you Mason :)

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Anastasia said...

CUTE! I swear all of my comments are the same. ha ha.