Friday, October 17, 2008

Honey Pot Orchards, Stow MA

Last weekend we went to visit my cousin Celeste and her family in Stow, MA. Stow is about 45 min or so outside of Boston. It was a gorgeous weekend, and of course it was nice to visit family (the only family in the east coast!) We went up Friday afternoon and spent the night. The next morning Danny and I took a short walk to Honey Pot Orchards, it was a wonderful farm that we could go apple "picking."

This was a bridge we crossed on the way to the farm... Fall is gorgeous :)
There were some animal that we could check out. Do you know what story this is from? That's right, The Three Little Pigs! If you look close you can see the pigs sleeping in the brick house.
There were also a whole bunch of pumpkins to pick too!
Celeste let us borrow this cool pack, Mason mostly like it
Here we are "picking" apples... actually we just went up to take pictures and then we picked a nice bag of apples from the gift shop :)
It was a gorgeous day!

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Anastasia said...

It looks so pretty there!