Thursday, October 9, 2008

first bike ride

The other day Danny, Mason and I went for Mason's first bike ride. He was pretty chill for a while, but Danny said near the end he kept groaning that he was done. He was a good sport after all, especially if he could see me while we were riding.

getting ready to go for our ride

all right, lets go!

practice round in front of the house

yup, I am talented... I took this while riding

we went to check out the river

man he is cute!

he didn't care so much about the river

I love my boys :)

time to head home :)


Anastasia said...

I like the pic of just mason, it looks like he is thinking, how am I supposed to get out of this????? ha ha ha ha. or maybe, Why would my parents subject me to this horrible wind in my face? So cute though!

April said...

haha, I think you are right... if you look close too in most of the pictures he is looking at me or trying to look at me. As long as he could see me he was happy :)

Amalie said...

People should read this.