Thursday, October 23, 2008

random things

I have majorly been slacking in the posting department...

Mason turned 1 this past Sunday, yup I have a 1 year old (pictures coming soon)

I got my first ticket last Friday (for talking on the cell phone, not speeding) I totally deserve it because I always forget my hands free set... but still I was only on the phone for 26 sec! oh well

Also last Friday Danny's car died in the middle of traffic on the 87 coming home from work, so that is a crazy story... you should ask him

I wasn't so happy last Friday, hahaha

This morning I let Mason run (umm crawl) around naked because he's got a nasty bum rash... I left him to play in his room while I went to the bathroom and after a minute he was really quiet. Humm "Mason what are you doing" I kept asking, still quiet... I went back to his room when I was done and yup poo and pee everywhere! and he was playing in the poo... TMI ? oh well.

That's all for now :)


Kristin said...

That is the absolute worst! The same thing has happened to me while watching kids. There isn't much anything worse than trying to get poop out of the carpet!

Kimberly said...

I hope I never have a poop story like that.