Saturday, October 18, 2008

Davis Farmland

While visiting my cousin Celeste and her fam, we went to an awesome place, Davis Farmland! You could feed and pet most of the farm animals, it was great and Mason absolutely loved it.

all the red heads, Danny, Mason, Nica and Buffalo
Veronica (Nica) brushing a baby cow
Mason petting a sheep
the baby goats like to eat cloths and hair
see look close and you can see the little guy chewing on Mason's shirt
this baby goat was only 5 days old
this is bull had a gross tounge!
I can't remember what kind of horse this is, but it is really rare. There are only 20 of them in the US
Nica got her face painted by daddy
The Wells family being attacked by the giant tounge
Mommy and Mason on a hay ride


Anastasia said...

So the baby goats are super cute, and so is Mason! And Danny's face when he was feeding the bull, CLASSIC! ha ha.

JenErik said...

Mason is darling. He is just a little bit older than Darla it sounds like. What about all of his red hair! I love it. Fun to be in touch!

Kristin said...

Those baby goats are so cute!! Oh, and Mason too, of course!